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שאול אולמרט Piggy

Navigating challenges and fostering solidarity: Supporting the high-tech industry in times of turmoil

11.06.23|Shaul Olmert
"Above all, the main challenge during this period is not only practical but also emotional. Listening, showing empathy, and offering goodwill can work wonders during difficult times,” writes Shaul Olmert
יום השיבוש הלאומי הפגה מחאה הייטקיסטים הייטק הרצליה

Demonstration nation: Business unusual

05.03.23|Shaul Olmert
Concerned for Israel’s future in light of the government’s pending judicial coup, for many in Israel’s high-tech world, including Shaul Olmert, protesting while working has become the new normal
Shaul Olmert at the doorway of his new office

Hop on the bandwagon or stay the course? A startup’s dilemma

03.01.23|Shaul Olmert
While it’s tempting to drop everything and follow the twinkling star in the market’s sky at a given moment, Shaul Olmert warns startups that trends sometimes disappear as quickly as they appear
עבודה מהבית וידאו

Bye-bye hybrid work? Not so fast

03.11.22|Shaul Olmert
If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the way we used to work might not have been the best way
שאול אולמרט Piggy

The presentation formulation

22.09.22|Shaul Olmert
In a company presentation, the foundation is critical. It forces the creator to be as precise as possible in their message, determine exactly what they want to say, and make sure that they have the best possible answers to questions about it
שאול אולמרט Piggy

The pivot spirit

02.08.22|Shaul Olmert
Risky as it may be, changing course is often not just good for startups, but necessary
הסכם אי תחרות אנשי עסקים מתחרים

Competition: What is it good for?

16.02.22|Shaul Olmert
While competition certainly does make the business world go round, sometimes a perceived competitor isn’t actually that
יועץ חיצוני ארגוני יעוץ עסקים עצמאי

A word of advice on advisors

13.01.22|Shaul Olmert
Entrepreneurs need to think long and hard before bringing in an advisor to their startup as it is rarely justified, argues Shaul Olmert
הצלחה עלייה בדרגה התקדמות בעבודה

Whose advice should you take?

20.12.21|Shaul Olmert
“The experience, knowledge, and personal baggage we gain throughout our experiences are invaluable,” Shaul Olmert writes, stressing a success story is not only defined by money or fame
הסכם אי תחרות אנשי עסקים מתחרים

Even today, slow and steady wins the race

20.10.21|Shaul Olmert
“In a market largely driven by an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, it is no longer enough to showcase a quality product,” writes Shaul Olmert, however, “trying to convince investors, and yourself, that you have superpowers is a very bad idea”
כסף שטרות מגפון

Taking it one round at a time

08.06.21|Shaul Olmert
Startups are forever counting down the time to their next funding round, but how can they prove to investors that they are deserving of more money?
שאול אולמרט Piggy

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

20.05.21|Shaul Olmert
The time has come to pick a direction. We can’t continue development for much longer before determining a more precise direction for the future of our product and company
מחשב לפטופ לימודים עבודה

The pigs are almost flying, now comes the excruciating wait

29.04.21|Shaul Olmert
Piggy's product is entering the world and CEO Shaul Olmert is sitting tight waiting to see what the feedback will be
Israeli investors switch from one rule book to another

Israel’s tech sector is the ultimate fashion victim

07.04.21|Shaul Olmert
The industry keeps changing the rulebook instead of erasing it altogether
משרדים האניבוק עובדים הייטק גיוס

The tech sector has expanded far beyond its techie core

24.03.21|Shaul Olmert
A film school graduate managing a startup? Sure that adds up
שעון זמן

For startup managers, doing less often achieves far more

15.03.21|Shaul Olmert
The Israeli tech scene cultivates a commando squad mentality of rushing ahead at all cost, but it’s better to prioritize and focus on what matters
שאול אולמרט מנכל ומייסד החזירים המעופפים

Watch out Microsoft and Google, the Flying Pigs are ready to be outed

08.03.21|Shaul Olmert
After six months of secrecy, Shaul Olmert finally reveals what his new startup Piggy actually does
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A CEO for all seasons

25.02.21|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert weighs the pros and cons of startup founders sticking around as long-term CEOs
ילדים תלמידים שעת סיפור

When telling your company’s story, make sure to start at the beginning

14.02.21|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert recalls the time he went to a party and learned that he had been introducing his startup the wrong way