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"We are not looking for charity. We are training the best programmers and bringing them into the high-tech sector"

29.12.22|Noa Gadot
Liat Weiss-Shahaf, VP Strategy and Development at Appleseeds, was speaking on a panel focused on diversity and inclusion, with Ruth Polachek, Founder and CEO at she codes, Moshe Friedman, Co-Founder at KamaTech, and Batsheva Moshe, Chairman at Yozmot Atid and Board Member at Ofanim
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She codes organization reaches 45 branches following latest launch at Kaltura

The largest tech community for women in Israel teaches coding to 50,000 women across the country
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Israeli Ministry of Labor Announces a $3 Million Investment in Women Coding Program

14.12.17|Hagar Ravet
The investment is part of a plan to offer free coding training for women, a joint venture with Israel-based women software developers organization She Codes
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Israel Has Few Women Tech Entrepreneurs and Even Fewer Get Funded

09.11.17|Asaf Shalev
Extent of gender imbalance revealed in new data