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כנס קנאביס canabiz פרי דוידסון סאייקי מדיקל

Philip Morris acquiring Cannabis inhaler developer Syqe Medical for up to $650 million

18.07.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli company’s main product is a metered-dose inhaler for pain reduction treatment using medical cannabis
כנס קנאביס פרי דוידסון סאייקי מדיקל

For Medical Cannabis Users, the Biggest Problem Is a Consistent Dose, Says Syqe Medical CEO

07.05.19|Orna Yefet
Perry Davidson, founder and CEO of cannabis inhaler company Syqe Medical, spoke Monday at Calcalist's cannabis conference in Tel Aviv
כנס שוק ההון 10.7.17 פרי דוידסון מנכ"ל סאייקי מדיקל

Cannabis Inhaler Company Syqe Medical Raises $50 Million

01.01.19|Amarelle Wenkert
Syqe develops a pocket-sized metered-dose inhaler designed for precise delivery of cannabis molecules
ועידת לונדון 2017 פרי דוידסון מייסד ו מנכל סייד מדיקל

Plants Are the Future of Medicine, Says Syqe Medical Founder

29.07.18|KPMG, a CTech partner
Transforming cannabis into precisely-dosed treatment has made it medically and financially legitimacy, says Perry Davidson, the founder of Syqe Medical, which developed a precise cannabis inhaler
מריחואנה קנביס רפואי

U.S. Money Flows Into Israeli Medical Cannabis Companies for Good Reason

14.01.18|Keren Hagai and Joseph I. Wyse
While U.S. regulators hamper cannabis-related research, Israeli cannabis startups draw the attention of investors and collaborators