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מוסף שבועי 14.5.20 אסמא אל אסד

How Asma Assad transformed from 'Desert Rose' into Syria's 'Iron Lady'

16.05.20|Doron Paskin
The first lady who used to feature on the cover of glamour magazines now makes headlines for pulling the strings in the war-torn nation
דונלד טראמפ ב בית הלבן 10.10.18

Trump on Syria Withdrawal: Israel Can Defend Itself

U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters Israel is doing very well at defending itself, with the help of $4.5 billion of U.S. support money a year
David's Sling קלע דוד

Israeli Government to Authorize $8 Billion Missile Defense Plan, Report Says

24.07.18|Lilach Baumer
According to Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the government intends to bolster the Israeli military's arms and defense systems in the face of growing aerial threats in the region
נ"מ סורי בשמי דמשק מתקפת חייל האוויר על יעדים ב סוריה

How the Israeli Economy Would Fare if Conflict with Iran Further Escalates

10.05.18|Adrian Filut and Amir Rosenbaum
Israel's economy is better prepared than it has ever been ahead of a possible military confrontation
מטוס של חברת האינן HNA Hainan Airlines plane

Following Warning of Air Strikes in Syria, Hainan Airlines Cancels Tel Aviv Flights

12.04.18|Lilach Baumer
On Tuesday, the European air traffic control issued a 72-hour warning for possible U.S. military action in Syria's airspace
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Israel Confirms 2007 Attack on Syrian Nuclear Reactor

21.03.18|Noam Gil, Ynet News
Between 12:40 a.m. and 12:53 a.m. on September 6, 2007, eight Israeli Air Force aircraft dropped 24 tons of ammunition on a nuclear reactor in northeastern Syria
עלי ח'מינאי מנהיג עליון איראן

In Syria, Russian and Iranian Economic Interests Clash

12.02.18|Doron Peskin
Iran’s growing military presence in Syria overlays its involvement in the economy of the civil war-torn country