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הנפקת טוקספייס בנאסד"ק 2021

Talkspace - value destruction created by greed for a big and quick exit

27.11.22|Sophie Shulman
The case of the online mental therapy company founded by Roni & Oren Frank is particularly bleak. This is how Talkspace went from being a promising startup and a SPAC merger at a $1.4 billion valuation, to a sale to American Well at a seventh of the value
דימה גרשמן ו זיו יקותיאלי

Israeli startups transforming the next decade of telehealth

29.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
These companies are revolutionizing the way we think about health, and providing patients with remote services, both near and far
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

Talkspace IPO: When doing good does so well

05.07.21|Erez Shachar
Qumra Capital's Erez Shachar: "Talkspace is the first and only publicly traded virtual behavioral health company and will stay true to its mission of being exclusively focused on behavioral health"
טוקספייס talkspace רוני פרנק אורן פרנק

Online mental therapy provider Talkspace weighing going public via SPAC at $1.5 billion valuation

12.01.21|Hezi Sternlicht
The NY-based company that was founded by Israelis, is considering using a shelf company created by Wall Street veteran Doug Braunstein
טוקספייס talkspace רוני פרנק אורן פרנק

Mental Therapy Startup Talkspace Raises $50 Million

Talkspace developed and operates web and mobile apps that connect users with licensed therapists. Olympic medalist Michael Phelps was the face of a 2018 Talkspace mental health campaign
מוסף השקעות 30.3.16 הריעו לריו מייקל פלפס שחיין אצטדיון ספורט המים האולימפי בארה ריו דה ז'נרו

Michael Phelps Teams With Online Mental Health Startup Talkspace

10.06.18|Tofi Stoler
New York-based Talkspace is a web and mobile app offering users mental treatment given by licensed therapists through text messages or recorded voice and video messages
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CTech’s Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Globalization drove Israel’s economic repositioning, researcher says. 11% of all venture deals in Israel in 2017 were down-rounds, new report says
טוקספייס talkspace רוני פרנק אורן פרנק

Mental Therapy Startup Talkspace to Start Prescribing Medication, Report Says

The startup hired former UnitedHealth Group executives Neil Leibowitz to lead the online prescription program
טוקספייס talkspace רוני פרנק אורן פרנק

Online Mental Therapy Startup Talkspace Raises $31 Million

07.09.17|Hagar Ravet
More than 500 thousand people used the company’s messaging service to communicate with licensed therapists