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עבודה מהבית קורונה זום

What does the hybrid employment model look like?

09.04.21|Maayan Manela
As Israel goes back to a post-Covid normal, companies must determine how much time employees will spend in the office
מימין: מנכ"ל אנבידיה ג'נסן הואנג וראש מערך משאבי אנוש בישראל גדעון רוזנברג

Chip giant Nvidia set to recruit 600 new employees in Israel

29.03.21|Meir Orbach
The company’s announcement is expected to further intensify the battle for local tech talent
Elevation CEO Avi Snir

Israel missed a unique opportunity to dig itself out of the tech job hole

19.03.21|Ron Friedman
Instead of isolating people, the state should have used the time to upskill them, says CEO of tech training company Elevation
מבקר המדינה מתניהו אנגלמן

“Chronic tech labor shortage poses a risk to Israel’s economy,” state comptroller warns

15.03.21|Shahar Ilan
Matanyahu Engelman cautions that if they are unable to find employees locally, tech companies will switch to outsourcing
ראיון עבודה קורונה 1

High demand for tech talent has put Israeli job seekers back in the driving seat

28.02.21|Maayan Manela
HR executives say the market today is similar to what it was prior to the pandemic, with applicants demanding high salaries and the ability to work from home
פצצה מתקתקת

Battle over tech recruits gets explosive: company asks applicants to dismantle a bomb

16.02.21|Elihay Vidal
Candidates must overcome a series of online and physical world challenges to be considered for job at a leading Israeli tech company
מתכנת תכנות קוד מהנדס תוכנה מחשב מחשוב

Which tech jobs will land you the highest salaries in Israel?

08.02.21|Maayan Manela
Job seekers’ priorities are shifting with adoption of work from home; salaries have bounced back up after Covid-downturn
ראיון עבודה מבחן מועמדים

Covid-19 Ended the Heyday in the Israeli Tech Job Market

10.05.20|Maayan Manela
Hundreds of applicants for each position and senior managers who are taking pay cuts; recruiters and HR managers reveal the new norms in the newly competitive job seeking scene
ראיון עבודה 3

5 HR Executives Share What it Takes to Get Hired During the Covid-19 Crisis

04.05.20|Maayan Manela
From to Facebook, some companies in Israel manage to avoid layoffs and are even recruiting new employees. With video chat interviews and remote onboarding processes, the pandemic is transforming the entire hiring process
עובדים בחברת גט Gett

In Israel, Tech Companies Take a Greater Piece of the Workforce Pie

27.08.19|Adi Pick
Tech employees accounted for 8.7% of the national workforce in 2018, up from 8.3% the year before, according to new report
שיעור ביולוגיה ימית ב בית ספר רמה ב רמת השרון

School-Age Education May Offer Best Hope for Israel’s Tech Talent Crunch, Says Report

05.06.19|Lilach Baumer
Israel’s tech industry is already tapping most of Israel’s existing highly skilled workers, casting doubt on the viability of various incentive programs intended to draw more people to the sector, according to a new report by the Taub Institute for Social Policy Studies