The New Tech Millionaires

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When millennials get rich

06.07.21|Roni Dori
Techies with newfound wealth are often practical with their money, but can also lose friends and relationships along the way
חד-קרן מתנפח

Words can also be a means of wealth

06.07.21|Amir Ziv
When the new tech industry reality contradicts life itself, a new language is constructed to describe the unimaginable
מורה מתמטיקה כיתה בית ספר תלמידים

Grow more high-tech professionals

05.07.21|Sophie Shulman
The goal: preserve the high-tech industry’s contribution so it continues to grow while avoiding widening social gaps. The solution: Excellent education for all
ערן שיר מנכ"ל נקסאר Nexar

Running a country like a startup

05.07.21|Eran Shir
Nexar founder and CEO Eran Shir explains why Israel is no longer a “cheeky startup nation” and what it needs to do to become “a nation of technology giants”
חברי הנהלת איירון סורס

The real cost of the new tech millionaires

04.07.21|Galit Hemi
“The gaps are widening, and the rest of the workers are being left behind, unable to keep up with the increasing prices, unable to keep pace with their friends in hi-tech,” writes Galit Hemi
הייטק היי-טק היי טק השקעות גיוס הון הנפקה אקזיט כסף דולרים מחשב מחשבים

High-tech workforce, own your privilege

04.07.21|Ariel Greisas
Algorithm developer Ariel Greisas calls on his colleagues to “develop the necessary awareness of their place in our society, and accept some basic responsibilities”
יאיר טל מנכ"ל Blend

New money with a new attitude

04.07.21|Yair Tal
BLEND CEO, Yair Tal, believes that a new generation of Israeli wealth will create new norms and see the new tech millionaires change and advance society