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ירון פרג מנכל כאהר מדיקל

Cancer Treatment Company KAHR Medical Raises $18 Million

The company intends to use the funding to advance its immuno-oncology drug candidates, especially its lead product, DSP107, tested for the treatment of solid tumors
זקן כיסא גלגלים ביטוח בריאות ביטוח סיעודי

Cancer Treatment Monitoring Startup Techsomed Raises $2.6 Million

Israel-based Techsomed develops an image analysis system that helps track tissue response to thermal ablation, the process of destroying tumors using extreme heat or cold
סרטן שד גידול הקפאה אייסקיור

Anti-Tumor Freeze Blasting Technology to be Used in Israeli Hospital

16.08.18|Lilach Baumer
Tel Aviv-listed IceCure Medical develops a medical device that provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgery