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ווייז WAZE נסיעה משותפת טרמפים קארפול

Waze closes carpool service, cites changing driving trends

28.08.22|Udi Etsion
Five years after its launch, and after hiring dozens of new employees, Waze is shutting down its carpool service. Israel’s Moovit will continue to operate its own version of the service, but will shared carpools continue to ‘reach their destination?’
ווייז WAZE

Waze Carpooling App Now Available in Washington State

Earlier this month Waze rolled out a new version of its carpool app, allowing users to choose who they ride with based on detailed personal profiles
מוסף 21.11.13 מחלת הסטארט אפ נועם ברדין וויז

Waze Now Allows Users to Choose Who They Carpool With

11.03.18|Tofi Stoler
The latest version of the company’s ridesharing app lets drivers and passengers define personal preferences, such as only commuting with coworkers or people of the same gender