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נשים חרדיות ב הייטק

Tech’s gender gap: representation isn’t enough without equal pay

12.03.24|Ariela Karmel
A new report published by Compete, in partnership with Power in Diversity, Viola Group and Meitar Law Offices, shows that Israel’s tech sector is still rife with gender disparity particularly in executive roles and seed stage companies with a persistent wage gap
חברת נובה עובדים ב הייטק משרדי חברת נובה

Only 12% of entrepreneurs who secured initial funding in Israeli tech in 2023 were female

A mere 17% of the startups that raised their first funding last year had at least one female founder, notably lower than the figure in the U.S. and Europe (26.2% and 25.5% respectively), according to a new report by RISE Israel
כנס רודשואו - הילה אוביל ברנר מייסדת Yazamiyot - Women Entrepreneurs

"To be a female entrepreneur in Israel is difficult, but to be a woman leading a startup during wartime is even tougher"

04.02.24|Hagai Gilboa
Women-led startups from the south were the focus of an event led by Yazamiyot and Arieli Capital and held at Microsoft's offices in Be'er Sheva to discuss the challenges that female entrepreneurs are facing and how to support women-led startups in the south
רחלי גנות

"My first job interview was two weeks after giving birth; a month later I started working"

25.06.23|Maayan Manela
Racheli Ganot, CEO and founder of the Ready Group, says that flexibility in the high-tech industry makes it very suitable for women
Shelly Bloch Yael Ophir

Israel is poised to lead the way in FemTech, but challenges remain in realizing full potential

07.06.23|Ariela Karmel
While interest has risen in tech related to women’s health, investors must move past their bias for Israel to lead the world in this sector
Hamutal Meridor Partner at Vintage Investment Partners

“My most amazing experiences have always happened when I didn't choose the most obvious path”

08.03.23|Noa Gadot
A firm believer in taking risks, Hamutal Meridor, Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, found herself walking away from sure things a number of times throughout her career and it was always the right choice
Shay Doron Principal at AND Ventures

“Dare to dream, it is the catalyst that starts everything”

06.03.23|Noa Gadot
Shay Doron, Principal at AnD Ventures, excelled on the basketball court, becoming Israel's first WNBA player. The teamwork and comradery that made her one of the country's most successful basketball players also ultimately led her to an early-stage fund
Calanit Valfer, Managing Partner Elah Fund

“Women need successful mentors and successful women need to pass it forward”

27.02.23|Noa Gadot
Calanit Valfer, Managing Partner at Elah Fund, firmly believes in doing good and shares her road to success which was paved through her mentors
Merav Weinryb VP and Managing Director, Europe and Israel at Qualcomm Ventures

“We need a dual movement from both the industry and from women”

22.02.23|Noa Gadot
Merav Weinryb, VP & Managing Director, Europe & Israel at Qualcomm Ventures, sees things refreshingly different, believing the burden of change lies with both genders
Idit Muallem Yedid General Partner at Pitango

“If you think you will be qualified in two years it means you are already there”

20.02.23|Noa Gadot
Idit Muallem-Yedid, General Partner at Pitango, Israel's largest VC, shares her many tips from her journey to the top
Bar Dor Associate at TLV Partners

"We do not invest in women just because they are women, they really were the best choices"

06.02.23|Noa Gadot
Bar Dor, Associate at TLV Partners, shares her story, her opinions, and concerns on juggling a family and a career
גיימינג גיימרית נשים מיזוגניה

Women make up a mere 10-20% of R&D teams in the Israeli gaming industry

01.02.23|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
According to a recent survey by the GameIS association and the "Women in Gaming" community, only 21% of senior board members in gaming companies are women
Almog Zoosman-Lehman, Community _alt Partnerships Lead at Amiti Ventures

“I want others to see women in the room and think they might want to have a female co-founder”

01.02.23|Noa Gadot
Almog Zoosman-Lehman, Community & Partnerships Lead at Amiti Ventures, believes in the power of hard work and networking
מנכ"ל סייברסטארטס Cyberstarts גילי רענן והשותפה החדשה ליאור סיימון

"Women tend to feel they need more experience before they become entrepreneurs. You don't"

30.01.23|Noa Gadot
Lior Simon, General Partner at Cyberstarts, has built her whole career in VCs. She began at the bottom and through hard work and connecting with others made her way up the ladder

“There is an opportunity cost, especially when you're a mom”

23.01.23|Noa Gadot
Irit Kahan, Partner and Head of DTCP Israel, discusses how important it is to live life to its fullest and how that attitude pushed her to success
Liron Azrielant, General Partner at Meron Capital

“I get asked if my partner is the one making the decisions or whether the money comes from my parents”

18.01.23|Noa Gadot
Liron Azrielant, Managing Partner at Meron Capital, is one of the few female partners to have founded her own venture capital fund. This is her unique story of success
Sharin Fisher, Partner at Fort Ross Ventures

“In a startup you are selling a product, as VCs we are selling ourselves”

11.01.23|Noa Gadot
Sharin Fisher, Partner at Fort Ross Ventures, explains why it is important to build your network and shares how she did so on her journey to success