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Nanox ARC

Nanox shares skyrocket on back of FDA approval for X-ray system

The Israeli medical imaging company received clearance for Nanox.ARC, a stationary X-ray system intended to produce tomographic images
צילום ריאות CT

Facebook's algorithm exposes its human side by sharing AI models for predicting Covid-19 deterioration

15.01.21|Ron Friedman
The company’s artificial intelligence researchers developed models that use x-rays to anticipate the progression of the disease in a patient and help hospitals prepare
Ran Poliakine Musashi

After becoming Israel's newest unicorn, what's next for Nanox?

Despite having yet to earn significant revenue or receiving FDA approval for its lightweight X-ray scanners, the company's shares surged on Nasdaq
רן פוליאקין מנכ"ל ננוקס

Nanox announces completion of $110 million series B financing round

28.07.20|Hagar Ravet
Israeli medical imaging company will deploy its digital x-ray device in 13 countries
רן פוליאקין מנכ"ל ננוקס

SK Telecom is investing $20 million in Israel-based Nanox

04.06.20|Meir Orbach
Partners plan to launch a South Korean subsidiary to produce semiconductors for Nanox’s digital X-ray device
מגן קרינה רובוטי ראדיאקשן

Radiation Protection Company Radiaction Raises $18 Million

20.01.20|Hagar Ravet
The company’s technology applies the radiation protection to the X-ray device itself to block scattered radiation, instead of requiring the medical staff to don protective gear
רופא סיני צילום רנטגן

Japan's Rigaku to Acquire X-Ray Analysis Startup XwinSys

21.07.19|Adi Pick
XwinSys will serve as Rigaku’s development arm in Israel. Rigaku is expected to invest $20 million in the company over the next five years