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צילום של המנכל דקל וולצר והנהלת החברה AVO

“We will either crash or become Amazon”

06.06.21|Meir Orbach
Avo CEO Dekel Valtzer is a former Israeli tennis champion who went from hitting serves to shipping services. How did the startup he co-founded transform neighbors in New York skyscrapers and tech giants’ employees into a consolidated purchasing power?
ג'ק מא מנכ"ל עליבבא שר

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Plans May Visit to Israel

31.01.18|Lilach Baumer and Orr Hirschauge
The founder and chairman of China’s biggest ecommerce company plans to visit the country in May
Vs JD.COM עליבאבא, WeChat, to Share Users' Data in Attempt to Wrestle Singles Day Out of Alibaba's Hands

10.11.17|Ofir Dor
The world's biggest online shopping event will start at midnight Friday, as two China-based giants partner in attempt to steal Alibaba's mojo