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AI Week

AI Week kicks off to celebrate artificial intelligence progress

07.02.22|James Spiro
The three-day conference is highlighting how AI technology is revolutionizing business strategy, policy, and future development
TECHTLV פאנל טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית  מימין אפי דהן בועז מעוז אבישי שרלין

“Israel is lagging in modernizing network infrastructure,” says Amdocs senior executive

02.11.21|Orna Yefet
Avishai Sharlin spoke during Calcalist’s Tech TLV conference, noting that “people want to connect everything and this requires network availability, but investments in the local industry are lacking”
אימי עירון רועי עזריאל יבניאלה כהן אנג'ל דורון שטרליך

"The notion of ‘a company as a family,’ is treated today with contempt"

12.10.21|Tomer Hadar
What do employees need, what do they want and how to attract them, were some of the topics at the center of discussion at the Tech@Work conference
פאנל כנס טק וורק יום שני מימין יהודית ינמפולסקי אושרת בנימין סיגל גילמור ליסה זייצ'יק

"The competition for talent made us look inward and ask what our employees need”

11.10.21|Maayan Manela
Calcalist’s Tech@Work conference brought leading HR executives and recruiters to discuss the talent shortage, and what changes are required to get the candidates you want
 תמר רפפורט דגים סמנכ”לית כספים ותפעול ב אמדוקס

Working from home will set women back decades, says Amdocs CFO

14.03.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
“At Amdocs, I’m no longer the only woman in the room,” said Tamar Rapaport-Dagim, but predicts that working remotely during the pandemic will harm women in the long run
בדיקת תשתיות תקשורת טכנולוגיית 5G של וואווי הסינית ב לונדון

Why is automation critical to 5G networks?

16.08.20|Ilan Sade
The acceleration of 5G networks and the development of new advanced technologies will force telecommunication service providers to find new ways to manage their networks and automation will be key

Amdocs to acquire Ireland’s Openet for $180 million

24.07.20|Meir Orbach
"This acquisition is part of our mission to accelerate the industry’s move to the cloud," said Amdocs CEO Shuky Sheffer
בית סלקום נתניה

Israeli telco Cellcom ditches Salesforce for Amdocs’ CRM system

14.07.20|Avior Abou
Cellcom decided to part ways with Salesforce after the latter refused to significantly reduce its license fee, estimated at an annual cost of over $2 million, according to one person familiar with the matter
משרדי אמדוקס ב רעננה AMDOCS

Analysis: Amdocs layoffs are only the first wave of Covid-19 storm

02.07.20|Meir Orbach
Firings by the software giant are a painful herald to other Israeli companies that operate in the bruised U.S. market
ערן בן שמואל מייסד Juganu

Juganu Wants to Light the Way Forward in the Digital Revolution

07.05.20|Allon Sinai
With investments from telecom giants Comcast Ventures and Amdocs, Israeli startup Juganu is aiming to revolutionize light and connectivity through an innovative solution
משרדי אמדוקס ב רעננה AMDOCS

Amdocs Suspends Future Raises, Requests Workers Take Paid Vacation Days Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

19.04.20|Meir Orbach
Israel-founded communication corporation freezes all planned salary increases and tells employees to take paid vacation days during the second quarter