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רקפת רוסק עמינח מנכלית בנק לאומי 14.8.18

Israel's Banking Ecosystem Is Experiencing Upheaval

01.07.19|Raheli Bindman
On Sunday, Israel’s Bank Leumi CEO and President Rakefet Russak-Aminoach announced her upcoming retirement, becoming the third Israeli bank CEO to do so since April
נגיד בנק ישראל פרופ' אמיר ירון

Israel’s Bank Governor Can Decide the Future of the Local Mobile Payment Market

06.06.19|Raheli Bindman
In 2017, Israel passed a law mandating a separation between the two largest banks in Israel and their credit card subsidiaries. The banks are now using mobile apps to get back into the Israeli payment processing game
שאול אדרת שבולת ושות

Blockchain Was Supposed to Set Us Free. So What Happened?

25.04.19|Saul Adereth
Threatened by the blockchain revolution, traditional financial institutions are hindering regulation that could decentralize the financial system, writes fintech regulation lawyer Saul Adereth
כנס פינטק 15.5.18 חדוה בר המפקחת על הבנקים

Regulator Hopes to Pave the Way for Newcomers in Israel’s Rigid Financial Services Market

07.08.18|Raheli Bindman
On Monday, Israel’s central bank and Ministry of Finance announced they are working to establish open banking standards in the country
צחי כהן משנה ל מנכ"ל ו אחראי על חטיבה עסקית בנק ה פועלים ועידת תיירות

More Credit Extended to Hotel Ventures in Israel, Says Local Banker

18.07.18|Anat Danieli
Private entrepreneurs and international hotel chains are taking more local credit in the last two years, says Bank Hapoalim’s Tzahi Cohen
כנס פינטק 15.5.18 פאנל דור ההשקעות יפעת אורון

The World’s Web Companies Will Inevitably Go Into Finance, Says LeumiTech CEO

16.05.18|Aviv Guter
Banks, not just startups, take part in the re-invention of the financial industry, said LeumiTech’s Yifat Oron
גיל מנדלזיס מייסד קפיטוליס

Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures Lead $29 Million Investment in Fintech Startup Capitolis

06.03.18|Meir Orbach
The newly-founded startup wants to be the “Airbnb of capital,” said CEO Gil Mandelzis in an interview with Calcalist
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Barclays Ends Partnership with Ness Technologies

05.03.18|Golan Hazani
The U.K.-based bank will reduce its reliance on outside providers of tech research, delegating fintech and cyber development to its Israel lab
מפעל טבע הר חוצבים ירושלים

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Teva to fire half of its Israeli workforce, relocate Israel-based manufacturing operations. The European Investment Fund renews its backing for Israeli tech. Automotive cybersecurity startup Upstream raises $9 Million.
קובי הבר ראש חטיבה עסקית מסחרית בנק לאומי כנס דרום עולה באר שבע

Israel’s Bank Leumi and the European Investment Fund Renew Tech Loan Program

13.12.17|Meir Orbach
Under the new program, Leumi can offer up to $200 million in financing to tech companies in Israel
מינגלינג כנס פינטק 2016

Israel Seeks to Ease Regulation on Fintech Startups

14.08.17|Omri Milman and Reut Shpigelman
With a small local market, country-specific regulation and stiff competition from incumbent service providers, only 10% of Israel’s home grown Fintech companies offer their services domestically