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מטה אנבידיה Nvidia סנטה קלרה קליפורניה

NVIDIA to recruit hundreds of employees in Israel for new CPU division

18.01.22|Meir Orbach
The new division will hire local engineers and developers from different hardware and software fields
מפעל חברת אינטל ב קרית גת

Intel Postpones Construction of New Israeli Factory

17.06.19|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
Intel announced its intention to expand its Kiryat Gat fabrication operations in late 2018 as part of a global manufacturing push
רן סנדרוביץ מנהל מרכזי הפיתוח החדש של אינטל ישראל

Modern PC Users Have Rejuvenated the Computer Market, Says Intel Exec

02.06.19|Elihay Vidal, Taipei
Smartphones are amazing for connecting users, but when people want to focus on a task or to get creative, they turn to their computers, said Intel vice president Ran Senderovitz
זיהוי פנים ריגול מעקב פרטיות

At Computex, Privacy Is a Thing of the Past

02.06.19|Elihay Vidal, Taipei
One of the main tasks facing every visitor to international conventions, particularly technological events, is identifying upcoming industry trends
מפעל אינטל ב קריית גת 15.5.18

Intel to Invest $11.9 Billion in Israeli Fab Operation Expansion

29.01.19|Omri Milman and Meir Orbach
Intel currently employs 12,700 people in Israel, including the 1,100 people employed by automotive chipmaker Mobileye
חוות שרתים של אמזון

Amazon Web Services Launches ARM Core-Based Custom CPU

27.11.18|Lilach Baumer
The central processing unit was developed by Annapurna Labs, an Israel-based chipmaker acquired by Amazon in 2015
ירון לוק זילברמן

Company Behind AMD Vulnerabilities Report Denies Ties to Short Selling Outfit

22.03.18|Raphael Kahan
Israel-based CTS Labs reported 13 security flaws in AMD processors last week after only giving the chipmaker 24 hours warning
מימין ד"ר יובל ירום ו דניאל גנקין רקע אינטל

Meltdown, Spectre, Will Change the Way Chips are Designed, Researchers Say

07.01.18|Yoav Stoler
The security design flaws revealed last week, can potentially enable hackers to glean passwords entered by users in real-time