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זיהום אוויר כבד ב ניו יורק בעקבות שריפות ב קנדה ביוני השנה

2023 was disastrous for the world's climate, but '24 could be worse

02.01.24|Shani Ashkenazi
From terrible fires in Canada to deadly floods in Greece to scorching temperatures that have not been seen since records have been kept, last year left a particularly bad climate imprint on the world - and it's only getting worse
Zoe Experience 1

The Zoé Experience: Thought leaders gather to inspire hope and tackle global challenges

30.03.23|CTech, in collaboration with Zoé
Experts in the fields of technology, climate, society and investments discussed solutions to the most pressing challenges and opportunities of society and the world
כנס כלכלה ירוקה 2022 שגיא דגן סמנכ"ל צמיחה ומדיניות, רשות החדשנות

"Thinking technology will solve the climate crisis is naive”

27.06.22|Yuval Sade
Sagi Dagan, Executive VP at the Israel Innovation Authority, was speaking at Calcalist's Green Economy Conference
יעל וייס זילברמן Start Up Nation Central

Israeli innovation is up for the sustainability challenge

23.01.22|Yael Weisz Zilberman
"Israel is putting a concerted effort into becoming the go-to hub for climate change-battling innovation, aiming to make up in its ingenuity what it lacks in size," writes Yael Weisz Zilberman of Start-Up Nation Central
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“Climate change obstacles are all political, not technological”

23.12.21|Roni Dori
“It's no longer about denying the science because they can't deny it. People can see it, people understand it's happening. So this is one of the troubling new forms of denialism - denial that we have agency,” says Professor Michael Mann, one of the world’s leading climatologists
שינוי אקלים

Israeli climate-tech companies raise $2.2 billion in 2021, 57% higher than 2020 record

The four highest funding rounds each came in different fields, with Future Meat raising $347 million, Wiliot raising $200 million, UBQ Materials raising $170 million, and VIA raising $130 million
Tato Bigio UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials raises $170 million to convert landfill waste into recyclable plastic substitute

15.12.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company has developed a technology that turns municipal solid waste, including all organics, into a climate-positive plastic alternative
Shimon Elkabetz שמעון אלקבץ CEO: Climate security is going to become the new cybersecurity

17.10.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Shimon Elkabetz is planning to round the earth with satellites and calls for more investments in climate solutions
ביג דאטה חיפוש גלישה מידע

The Bright Initiative partners with accelerator Subak to help face climate emergency

Powered by Bright Data, the Bright Initiative will provide Subak’s member organizations with direct access to the company’s technology, know-how, support, and expertise
Chen Shmilo 8200

8200 Impact’s accelerator program is now inviting applicants for its 7th cohort

30.06.21|James Spiro
The accelerator now includes two more tracks dedicated to Healthtech and Climate & Energy
צוות CloudCT

Israeli-German Team Wants to Use Micro-Satellites to Study Climate Change

18.12.18|Lilach Baumer
The researchers, who plan to launch 10 satellites the size of a shoebox into orbit in just a few years, recently won a 14 million euros research grant