20 stories about Cryptocurrencies
מטבעות קריפטו

INX battling Binance for assets of bankrupt Voyager Digital

The Israeli-founded crypto platform is vying for the assets of the lending platform after bidding reopened following the collapse of FTX
Shy Datika  INX

“Blockchain will replace all of the financial industry as we know it”

25.07.22|James Spiro
Shy Datika, Co-Founder and CEO at INX Digital Company, which operates a cryptocurrency and digital securities trading platform licensed by U.S and EU regulators, believes more regulation by governments will improve some of the pitfalls currently seen on the blockchain
דניאל פרינץ עידן עפרת גיא הדר רן גולדי

Fireblocks acquiring crypto payment platform First Digital for $100 million

16.02.22|Meir Orbach
The purchase of fellow Israeli company First will see Fireblocks expand its existing payments capabilities by allowing payment service providers (PSPs) and acquirers to accept payments and make payouts in digital currencies
מפת מטאוורס ישראל

Mapping the Israeli Metaverse startup landscape

24.01.22|Elihay Vidal
The Metaverse is the hottest buzzword in tech, both globally and in Israel. New research by Remagine Ventures has mapped the close to 50 Israeli companies and startups that are already active in building Metaverse technology
Tarantino Zyskind SCRT Labs NFT

Secret Network announces $400 million in ecosystem funding

Israeli startup SCRT Labs, the core development team behind Secret Network, announced a new $225 million ecosystem fund and a $175 million accelerator pool
אלון רם שירה ברזיס Redefine

Blockchain security startup Redefine raises $11 million Seed round for crypto firewall

The Israeli startup develops a DeFi security platform catering to institutional investors to help them manage investment risks
אסתר פרימן ביטקוין חדש

Bank refuses to deposit pensioner's massive Bitcoin savings

25.11.21|Lital Dobrovitsky
69-year-old Esther Freeman invested around $3,000 in Bitcoin eight years ago, but Israel's Bank Hapoalim is unwilling to accept her 100x profits, claiming there is a "risk of money laundering and terror financing" as she made her initial purchase in cash
סיטי סיטי גרופ סיטיבנק Citi

Citi recruiting Tel Aviv crypto experts for digital assets division

24.11.21|Meir Orbach and Reuters
The U.S. banking giant is looking to create 100 roles focused on digital assets including blockchain and digital currencies at its institutional division
GK8 ליאור למש שחר שמאי

Crypto powerhouse Celsius acquiring Israeli startup GK8 for $115 million

01.11.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company, founded just three years ago, provides financial institutions an on-premise end-to-end platform for safekeeping and managing digital assets
ביטקוין מטבע וירטואלי מטבעות דיגיטליים קריפטו 22.12.19

Tackling crypto’s complexities with Israeli technology

We can't talk about money today without mentioning digital currencies and blockchain technology. Two Israeli companies, Kirobo and ZenGo, have created solutions that seek to contend with the operational complexity and risks associated with the world of cryptocurrencies
מייסדי פיירבלוקס Fireblocks מימין עידן עפרת מיכאל שאולוב ו פבל ברנגולץ

Loss of $75 million in Ether highlights infancy of crypto infrastructure

24.06.21|Allon Sinai
According to crypto angel investor Maya Zehavi, StakeHound’s lawsuit against Fireblocks following the loss of access to a wallet with 38,178 of ETH exposes the clear uncharted territory of crypto intermediaries
מייסדי Solidus Labs חן ארד אסף מאיר פרבין קומאר

Crypto-native risk monitoring firm Solidus Labs announces $20 million series A funding

The Israeli-founded company offers an automated and testable market surveillance and risk monitoring hub tailored for digital assets
מימין ארז שפירא נמרוד להבי נתנאל קבלה מייסדי סימפלקס

Israeli crypto startup Simplex set to be acquired for $200-$250 million by Canada's Nuvei

06.05.21|Meir Orbach
Simplex offers online payment processing and fraud protection exclusively for the cryptocurrency industry
ביטקוין לוהט קריפטו מטבע וירטואלי

Is the tax authority coming for your Bitcoin?

10.01.21|Omri Milman
The Israel Tax Authority defines cryptocurrency as an asset and demands 25% on any profits; its cyber department keeps a watchful eye out for those who forget to pay
מטבע וירטואלי כסף דיגיטלי ביטקוין

This Tel Aviv Startup Wants to Make Bitcoin Payments a Breeze

08.12.19|Hagar Ravet
Breez develops an app that enables the swift transfer of bitcoin between users, just like any other payment app
ביטקוין מטבע וירטואלי מטבעות דיגיטליים קריפטו 1

Crypto Company Solidus Raises $3 Million

Solidus offers a surveillance platform for digital asset trading
חנות לממכר ביטקוין ב ת"א תל אביב

CTech’s Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Watchdog tells Israeli prime minister and ministers they cannot buy cryptocurrencies. Israeli-made UAV dumps skunk-water on Gaza protesters.
יוני אסיא מנכ"ל איטורו eToro

Social Trading Company eToro to Launch Crypto Exchange, Mobile Wallet

17.05.18|Lilach Baumer
Tel Aviv-based eToro runs a financial trading platform. The company has raised $162 million to date
רכב אוטונומי האלגוריתם ינהג

Bosch Sees Crypto Micropayments Between Autonomous Cars in its Future

09.02.18|Orr Hirschauge and Asaf Shalev
In December, the 131-year old industrial firm bought crypto IOTA tokens
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli Regulator Proposes to Ban Crypto-focused Companies from Stock Exchange

04.01.18|Raheli Bindman
A final sign off by Israel’s finance minister is now required to ban crypto-related companies from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange