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דורית בנט שבוע קלינטק

“Israel’s greatest resource isn’t natural gas, it’s solar power”

11.11.20|Tomer Hadar
“The sun belongs to us,” says CEO of renewable energy company Eilat-Eilot Dorit Banet, calling for widespread government support of solar energy
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Israel’s Electric Corporation's Settlement Deal With Egypt Receives Regulatory Approval

16.12.19|Lior Gutman
IEC will receive about $100 million within the next year and then $50 million a year for eight years
טורבינות רוח אנלייט

A Wake-Up Call for Israeli Startups: the Energy Sector Is Ripe for Disruption

04.12.19|Lisa Cohen
Israel is a prime candidate to lead the energy revolution, thanks to the advanced technologies of its prosperous tech sector and its reputation for introducing outside-the-box solutions
כפר סבא השכונה הירוקה

Regulator Greenlights Plan for Israel’s Largest Private Power Plant

06.11.19|Lior Gutman
The natural gas-powered station will be built by Reindeer Energy, a joint partnership between Siemens AG and the Phoenix, at an investment of between NIS two billion and NIS three billion
שדה סולארי לוחות סולאריים אנרגיה ירוקה

Huawei Enters Israeli Solar Electricity Market

27.06.19|Lior Gutman
The Chinese telecommunications company has made a strategic decision to open a local representation to sell equipment to solar energy companies, following reports that it was shutting down its energy operations in the U.S.
שר האנרגיה יובל שטייניץ

Israel's Nuclear Power Plant Is Back on the Table

29.04.19|Lior Gutman
The construction of a nuclear power plant in Israel has been discussed on and off for over 25 years
עובדי חברת החשמל בניית ארובה רביעית ב אתר רבין חברת חשמל חדרה

Israel’s National Electricity Company to Use Risk Management Software by SAS

22.04.19|Raphael Kahan
The deal is worth about $1.1 million, according to one person familiar with the matter
פוטו הדרכים הכי אקסטרימיות דרך המוות בוליביה

Israeli Ormat, Spanish Sacyr Awarded Contract for Bolivian Geothermal Venture

08.04.19|Lilach Baumer
The 24-month, $18 million project will result in the highest altitude geothermal plant in the world, 4,980 meters above sea level
התפרצות לבה הר געש ליד מפעל אורמת הוואי

Lava Impact on Hawaii’s Puna Power Plant Imminent

23.05.18|Tofi Stoler
The plant, owned by NYSE-listed geothermal energy producer Ormat, supplies 25% of the Hawaiian island’s electricity
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Delek, Noble Energy Announce $15 Billion Natural Gas Export Deal to Egypt

19.02.18|Lior Gutman
Majority owners of natural gas fields off Israel’s coast sign deal to provide Egypt’s Dolphinus Holdings with 64 billion cubic meters of gas over 10 years
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New Zealand’s Vector Invests in Command and Control Company mPrest

30.10.17|Hagar Ravet
The $10 million investment is an expansion of earlier collaboration