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קאריס ויטי מומחית סין

Business opportunities and leverage squandered in Israel-China foodtech relations

06.06.21|Carice Witte
"That China is actively targeting the food and agriculture sectors in Israel makes one wonder if Israel has really capitalized on the opportunity," writes Carice Witte
סטייק Chunk Foods

Israeli meat-alternative startup Chunk Foods raises $2 million in pre-seed led by Stray Dog Capital

Chunk Foods leverages cutting-edge fermentation technology to produce whole-cut plant-based meat products
פודטק 2020 מימין מקום שלישי NextFerm מקום ראשון Future Meat מקום שני Amai

Future Meat wins Calcalist’s FoodTech innovation startup contest

The sectors the competition focused on included food technology, agriculture technology, health, supply chain optimization, consumer experience, direct sales, and marketing innovation
אוכל המבורגר צ'יפס

Printed Cellulose Burgers: Soon at a Restaurant Near You!

16.01.20|Navit Zomer
Israeli restaurant chain BBB has partnered with 3D vegan burger printing company SavorEat
כנס פודטק 2019 הזוכים בתחרות עם השופטים

Zero Egg Wins Calcalist's Foodtech Innovation Competition

28.10.19|Naomi Zoref
Zero Egg develops and manufactures a plant-based liquid egg that tastes, looks, and functions like a real egg
מכונת קפה אספרסו

Six Companies Disrupting the Coffee Industry, or at Least Giving it Their Best (Espresso) Shot

20.09.19|Adi Pick
From latte art to CBD infused drinks, these Israel-linked companies are revolutionizing everyone’s favorite morning energy booster
המבורגר של ברגר קינג בלי בשר  Impossible Whopper

A Push for Innovation Is Turning Israel From the Startup Nation into the FoodTech Nation

11.08.19|Naomi Zoref
Ahead of Calcalist's and Tnuva’s foodtech innovation competition, experts on food and agriculture technologies talked with Calcalist about the industry, its challenges, and the opportunities
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Israeli Company Spikes Popcorn, Pizza, and Iced coffee With Cannabis

Earlier this month, Cannibble raised $655,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to establish a manufacturing facility in the U.S.
בשר מעבדה אלף

Lab Beef Company Aleph Farms Announces First Steak

13.12.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Israeli lab beef company Aleph Farms has unveiled a minute steak grown from single cells—the world’s first, according to the company
 טלי נחושתן מנכ"לית InnovoPro תחרות פודטק 2018

Alternative Protein Startup InnovoPro Raises $4.25 Million

04.12.18|Hagar Ravet
Innovopro develops a technology for extracting concentrated protein from chickpeas using sustainable energy
פרופסור יעקב נחמיאס

American Food Corporation Tyson Backs Israeli Lab Meat Startup

02.05.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Jerusalem-based Future Meat Technologies aims to reduce the costs of producing meat in laboratories to $5 per kilogram
אורי יהודאי מנכ"ל ו נשיא פרוטרום

Frutarom Launches Food Tech Innovation Lab

29.04.18|Tofi Stoler
Frutarom will operate the lab, a part of a network of government-backed incubators operating in Israel, as part of a three-year contract
חרגול פודטק חרקים

Grasshopper Farming Startup Announces $5 Million in Orders

27.04.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Israeli startup Hargol FoodTech is looking to revolutionize commercial farming of grasshoppers for food, and already has companies like Ikea, Whole Foods, and the Guinness brewery interested, CEO says
פנאי שוקלטרי שוקולד ב ישובי גדרות

Israeli Company Develops Chocolate for Diabetics

22.04.18|Nurit Kadosh
A1C Foods develops foods that are low in carbs and glycemic index. Its planned lines include low-carbs ice creams and pizzas
Genie תנור חכם

Futuristic Pod-to-Meal Startup Raises $10 Million

10.04.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Israeli food tech startup Genie develops “ovens” it says can cook a pod of freeze-dried foodstuff into a restaurant-grade meal in 2-3 minutes
רחפן ריסוס חקלאות

Things to Consider When ‘Growing’ an Israeli Startup in the U.S.

09.04.18|Tomer Tzach
With more than 470 ag-tech startups, Israel’s agricultural expertise and the country’s vibrant startup scene is bearing fruit, but there are common mistakes local ag-tech entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their presence in the U.S.
חזיר חזירים

Israeli Rabbi Says Lab-Grown Pork Meat Is Kosher

26.03.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Abstinence from eating pork is a pinnacle of Jewish religious dietary laws, which also prohibit the consumption of meat and dairy together