HR in War

20 stories about HR in War
Bar Kashi Entitle

Here's how Entitle is keeping its head up in wartime

28.11.23|James Spiro
The company joined CTech to share how the war has affected morale and performance within the company.
Noa Lightricks

Here’s how Lightricks cared for its employees after 7/10

27.11.23|James Spiro
The company has 22% of its workforce currently fighting in the war - so how it made changes at the office and facilitated the needs of families at home was essential in its response.
Avi Simplex

“Feelings of absolute fear can prevent employees from coming to the office.”

26.11.23|James Spiro
Simplex 3D has joined CTech to share how the company and its employees responded to the horrors of October 7.
Dagi Ben Noon Inspira

“Our goal is to ensure that our employees feel safe and secure in their work environment.”

23.11.23|James Spiro
Inspira Technologies has adopted several new protocols in the aftermath of 7/10.

Inside UBQ Materials’ “crisis, recovery, and resilience plan” for 7/10

22.11.23|James Spiro
The company shifted focus from its broader mission to build ‘a world without waste’ and directed its efforts to help its immediate employees
Osnat Laminar

How has Laminar tackled its two biggest problems in wartime?

21.11.23|James Spiro
The company is carefully balancing the personal needs of its employees with the business needs of its customers.
Maayan Cohen-Haziz CyberProof

The three questions CyberProof asks itself every morning during war

20.11.23|James Spiro
The company has an Israeli workforce of nearly 100, causing management to align priorities and tasks each morning based on a reduced worker count.
Tomer Firmbase

“It has been heartening to see the solidarity among our team members.”

19.11.23|James Spiro
Firmbase made sure to support its employees both emotionally and professionally in the aftermath of October 7.
Profero Shira

"The underlying motivation came from understanding that this is a temporary situation.”

16.11.23|James Spiro
Profero is fully remote in normal times, but the company still needed to make changes as it entered wartime.
Agado Tzach Goren

“The startup world continues to work even in the shadow of war.”

14.11.23|James Spiro
Agado Live has encouraged its workers who aren’t working on the frontline to volunteer and has also offered support to those at home with children.
Gal Ringel Mine

“The first two weeks were tough. The entire country was in a state of shock.”

13.11.23|James Spiro
When Mine’s entire management was recruited into the military reserve forces, it put the company into a state of emergency.
Ella ATT

AT&T’s six-point plan to help Israeli employees in wartime

12.11.23|James Spiro
The company's Israel-based R&D Center has more than 500 employees it needs to help, as the company adopts COVID-era policies to handle the war with Hamas.
Shirly Optimove

“Times like these test your bones. Our company has bones of steel.”

09.11.23|James Spiro
Optimove has outlined how it has managed to restructure itself across four locations around the world following the attack in Israel last month.
Hila Amsalem  Glassbox

“We've extended a hand to recruit workers from areas near Gaza.”

08.11.23|James Spiro
Glassbox has been working hard to keep operations under control as its workforce heads to the frontline.
Yifat MedOne

“The feeling of grief and sadness accompanies us all.”

07.11.23|James Spiro
MedOne has described some of the emotional and logistical challenges of running a company in the aftermath of 7/10.
Batya Plarium

"Our immediate reaction to this situation is deeply emotional.”

06.11.23|James Spiro
Plarium is a global gaming company that felt protected within the enlightened world of Startup Nation. Then came 7/10.
Ahuvy Mrad Salt

“We are learning to create a new co-existence between work and life during war.”

05.11.23|James Spiro
Salt Security is headquartered in America but its offices are all in Israel - and employees are learning to balance work, life, and war.
Yulia Merkulovich Levi Talon

How should Israelis respond to hostility amid war tensions?

02.11.23|James Spiro
Talon Cyber Security has yet to receive any direct backlash from the conflict, but advises employees to use ‘facts and logic’ if approached by critics of Israel’s actions
Tzurit Golan pentera new

“Our employees are doing everything they can to contribute to Israel’s success.”

01.11.23|James Spiro
Pentera’s overall operations have not been affected by 7/10 - but Israel-based employees are getting all the support they need.
Merav Ben Ari

“We are focusing on strengthening our leadership muscle” amid war, says Eleos Health.

31.10.23|James Spiro
The Israeli company explains how it has approached leadership on both an organizational and personal level following the 7/10 massacre.