20 stories about Healthcare
Rachel Teitelbaum

The Israeli startup developing the first new, non-hormonal contraceptive in 60 years

03.04.24|Ariela Karmel
Hervana Bio Founder and CEO Rachel Teitelbaum spoke to CTech about their innovative new non-hormonal contraceptive with no side effects and with added protection against STIs, and about why funding is needed to access the $25 billion contraceptive market
טלאור זק"ש מייסד ושותף מנהל בקרן ההון סיכון eHealth Ventures

Will AI save healthcare systems from collapse?

26.03.24|Talor Sax
Lacking millions of doctors and healthcare workers, healthcare systems are failing. With life expectancy in the US declining and the global population aging, what will AI's role be in an overloaded healthcare economy and how can it help heal it?
Fijoya team

Fijoya raises $8.3 million Seed for employer-sponsored healthcare platform

The Israeli startup’s AI-driven recommendation engine matches employees with the precise health services they need from thousands of options available in the platform
מגירת תרופות ריקה בבית מרקחת

Demand for psychiatric drugs soars by 30% amid Israel's war with Hamas

26.10.23|Adrian Filut
The demand for psychiatric drugs and sedatives has surged due to a rise in the number of patients and concerns about future medication shortages, which HMOs say is unnecessary.
 Dio Tree Team

“Imagine a scenario where a single drug could alter the course of a patient's battle with cancer”

Dio Tree has raised $400,000 for its efforts to treat ovarian cancer - something that affects 300,000 women globally each year.
מייסדי איידוק Aidoc מימין גיא ריינר אלעד וולך מיכאל ברגינסקי

Aidoc raises $110 million for healthcare AI solutions

16.06.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s AI Care Platform operates as an intelligent layer on top of hospital IT systems, offering physicians a centralized platform to address all the care points across the health system
Vim Co-founders - Oron Afek (left), Asaf David

What’s up, Doc? Vim connects US healthcare payers and providers at the point of care

03.06.22|Yonatan Sredni
In an exclusive in-depth interview, Vim co-founders Oron Afek and Asaf David share how their startup is disrupting the American healthcare system with technology that’s 100% “Made in Israel”
SenterCare Team

SenterCare’s data-driven approach for elderly care

SenterCare recently raised an additional $300,000 for its technology to help care for the elderly
The Briya Team

Briya secures $5.5 million Seed round for blockchain-powered healthcare network

20.04.22|James Spiro
The company aims to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of data: longitudinal, linked, and live
Nadav Shimoni Arkin

Arkin Holdings is going all-in on digital health

04.04.22|James Spiro
“For us, digital health was at the beginning a lot of hype with buzzwords, but over the years the family essentially decided that it is a must,” Head of Digital Health Investments at Arkin Holdings, Dr. Nadav Shimoni, told CTech

SOLVEAT: “Consumers want food products that improve their health”

The company has received almost $1 million in funding to target the $5 billion Phytochemicals & Plant Extracts segment of the functional food ingredients market

XRHealth secures $10 million to bring healthcare treatment to the Metaverse

01.03.22|James Spiro
The economic opportunity of virtual healthcare reaches a possible trillion-dollar market
Insurights Team

“The best talent in the health and wellness industry is in and around New York”

In collaboration with Israeli Mapped in NY, Insurights has joined CTech to discuss its jump to the US to help fix its healthcare system
צוות Lynx

Lynx MD raises $12 million Seed funding for AI healthcare data platform

The Israeli startup’s sandboxed environment allows users to access massive amounts of real-world medical data and facilitates decisions using data science and AI
Founders  illumigyn

illumigyn raises $33 million to help women with affordable medical care

03.11.21|James Spiro
The funding will help the company deploy its platform this month in the United States, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and South Korea
Yoni Shtein Laguna 20

"Laguna's success would be making a real dent in people's healthcare and life after hospitalization.”

Yoni Shtein, CEO and co-founder of Laguna, talks to Michael Matias about how a company from Ramat Gan can help millions of Americans with their healthcare
Srulik Dvorsky TailorMed

TailorMed adds $5 million, American Cancer Society to funding round

OSF Healthcare’s corporate investment arm, OSF Ventures, and Citi via their Citi Impact Fund also joined the round that reached $25 million