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קו חוף תל אביב זירת הנדלן

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Digital wallet startup colu raises $20 million in ICO. New York to host Israeli tech conference. Merck and WuXi AppTec announce launch of biotech incubator in Israel
קולו Colu

Digital Wallet Startup Colu Raises $20 million in ICO

20.02.18|Hagar Ravet and Daniel Vainberg
Tel Aviv-based Colu, which uses blockchain technology to create localized digital currencies, also raised $8.5 million in equity investment
טלגרם מדריך צ'ט מאובטח

Telegram ICO Could Be a Watershed Moment for Crypto

19.02.18|Aner Ravon
With investors like Sequoia and Benchmark and $850 million raised so far, Telegram’s ICO may mark the entrance of big traditional players into the crypto market
אריק קליין מנכ"ל Nkor

On Way to Crypto Offering, Copyright Protection Startup Makes Misleading Claims

18.02.18|Daniel Vainberg
Israel-linked NKOR Ltd. is seeking to raise millions of dollars in the unregulated world of initial coin offerings
את'ריום לייטקוין ביטקוין מטבעות וירטואליים

Hackers Are Phishing For Crypto Investors’ Money

06.02.18|Yair Geva and Ofer Toledano
Higher cybersecurity standards in the cryptocurrency field will require companies to tighten up their cyber defenses
בנימין נתניהו דאבוס

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

The Israeli government invites Walmart to open a local branch. Alternative financer Behalf raises $150 million in debt financing. An ICO with pornography as a selling point
חנות לממכר ביטקוין ב ת"א תל אביב

Israel on Track to Become a Crypto-Powerhouse, Says Attorney

04.02.18|Amir Rosenbaum
Regulatory uncertainties slow the development of the local hub, says local law firm partner
את'ריום לייטקוין ביטקוין מטבעות וירטואליים

ICOs Are the Next Stage in the Evolution of Startup Funding

26.01.18|Yair Geva, Gil White, and Ofer Toledano
An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an innovative crowdfunding model allowing startups to bypass traditional early seed investment and other technical obstacles
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Review of Refundable Sirin Labs Tokens Points to Six Major Transactions

18.01.18|Hagar Ravet
The unknown buyers of nearly $50 million-worth of Sirin’s cryptocurrency have 38 days left to ask for a refund
פרופ' יצחק ברוורמן מנהל יחידת אף אוזן גרון ב בית חולים הלל יפה ב חדרה

CTech’s Weekly Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli startups are in for fierce competition for talent in 2018. Israel is considering issuing an official state cryptocurrency. Sirin Labs announced it had raised $157.8 million in an ICO
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Building a Company With an Expiration Date

29.12.17|Eden Shochat
We can resolve many of the tensions in the startup world by letting companies grow until an ICO and then dissolving them
 אילן צחי מנכ"ל זאפ ו דפי זהב

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Axel Springer in discussions to buy Israeli e-commerce firm Zap Group. Sirin Labs announced it had raised $157.8 in an ICO
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Sirin Labs ICO Brings In $157.8 Million, Company Says

27.12.17|Meir Orbach
In May 2016, the company launched a mobile phone marketed as the world’s most secure phone with a tag price $14 thousand
קולו Colu

Digital Wallet Startup Colu Raises $14.5 Million

14.12.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Israeli holding company IDB made the investment, as part of Colu’s $50 million ICO, announced in November
גקסון פאלמר ממציא מטבע דוגקוין

By Summer, ICO Investors Will Start Asking Questions, Says Dogecoin Creator

06.11.17|Uri Pasovsky
In an interview with Calcalist, the man behind the joke that turned into a $400-million virtual currency warns of the greed and hype that fuel the rise of initial coin offerings
קולו Colu

Digital Wallet Startup Colu Plans ICO

02.11.17|Hagar Ravet
The blockchain technology company offers local communities the ability to mint their own cryptocurrencies
מטבע ביטקוין וירטואלי

Venture Capital Firms Miss Out on Blockchain. Here's Why

26.09.17|Assaf Gilad
Venture capital firms are lagging behind banks and tech companies when it comes to investing in blockchain technology
מטבע ביטקוין דולר דולרים

10 Signs You Should Stay Off an ICO

10.09.17|Ouriel Ohayon
To make sure you avoid falling for the wrong ones, use these signs to make sure you invest in the right ones