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Intel Ignite Cohort 9

Intel Ignite announces ninth Israel cohort for early-stage deep tech startups

02.05.24|James Spiro
The startups span cross-discipline technologies for developing, deploying, and utilizing AI and generative AI across industries
Intel Ignite Tel Aviv hub

Intel Ignite names 10 deep tech startups for eighth cohort in Tel Aviv

Intel’s 12-week startup growth acceleration program will include startups from various tech industries, including: AI/ML, cybersecurity, hardware, and Web 3.0
Avi Aviv Intel Pitango

85% of CTOs will use GenAI and LLMs for their R&D teams

30.04.23|James Spiro
The joint survey, conducted by Pitango First and Intel Ignite, showed that more than half of participants see an ‘immediate’ effect on the way their teams operate
SVB סיליקון ואלי בנק קליפורניה 13.3.23

61% of founders considering moving to more ‘stable’ banks following SVB collapse

19.03.23|James Spiro
Most startup founders impacted by the SVB collapse don’t see their trust in the financial ecosystem easily repaired
Intel Ignite Team

Intel Ignite announces seventh cohort in Tel Aviv

09.11.22|James Spiro
The cohort includes 10 startups from more than 200 applicants in a variety of tech industries
Alon Leibovitch Intel Ignite

Intel Ignite Tel Aviv appoints Alon Leibovich as Managing Director

05.09.22|James Spiro
“His experience, in addition to Alon's mentoring personality, makes him an ideal program managing director,” says Tzahi Weisfeld, Intel's Vice President and GM of Intel Ignite
Tzahi 20

“My main mission is to help reinvent large, amazing companies through this journey with startups.”

Reinvention of large companies is Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld’s speciality, and he accomplishes this through helping corporates to engage with startups to benefit both sides.
intel ignite

Intel Ignite announces 10 Israeli startups for its sixth cohort

From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, the 10 selected startups will receive tailor-made mentoring programs to go to market
צוות Intel Ignite

Intel Ignite names 10 startups selected for 5th Tel Aviv cohort

The latest cohort is comprised mostly of innovate deep tech startups, which are tackling some of the biggest societal issues
צחי וייספלד מנכ"ל Microsoft for Startups

Survey: Israeli startups raising funds faster, no longer dependent on relocating

13.05.21|Meir Orbach
"We are seeing what the new world of Israeli tech will look like after Covid-19," said Tzahi Weisfeld, VP and general manager of Intel Ignite
Ranny Stephan Intel Ignite

Intel Ignite launches 4th cohort in Tel Aviv, celebrates $200 million in funding in 2020

13.04.21|James Spiro
One year after the startup program moved online, Ignite will also launch in Munich, Germany
מימין בנימין הירשברג שאולי רוזן ו לאוניד סנדלר מייסדי ארמו

ARMO emerges from stealth with $4.5 million seed for cloud-native workloads solution

The Israeli startup aims to add visibility, control and security for DevOps in cloud-native environments
רוני נחמיאס Ranny Nachmias Intel

Intel Ignite appoints Ranny Nachmias as the new Managing Director of the Tel Aviv program

20.10.20|James Spiro
The news comes alongside an expansion to Munich, Germany, and Austin, Texas, and the announcement of its third cohort
בוב סוואן Swan צחי וייספלד ועידת אינטל

Intel expanding Ignite startup program on back of Israeli success

"Israel is such an important part of our company," said Intel CEO Bob Swan, describing Israel as "a microcosm of Intel as a whole"
Intel Ignite Hub אינטל

New tricks for old dogs: How Intel pivoted its accelerator program online

30.07.20|James Spiro
Tzahi Weisfeld was tasked with starting Intel’s accelerator program in Israel - then Covid-19 happened
צחי וייספלד מנכ"ל Microsoft for Startups

9 Israeli startups graduated this month from the Intel Ignite Startup Growth Program

10.03.20|Intel, a CTech Partner
CloudWize, Hour One, Deci, Hi Auto, NOVOS.GG, Glean Labs, Mine, Granulate and Addionics completed a 14-week mentorship as the first cohort of Intel Ignite program

CloudWize - Cloud Management

09.03.20|Intel, a CTech Partner
CloudWize is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups
Hour One Oren Aharon האוור ואן

Hour One - Artificial Intelligence

09.03.20|Intel, a CTech Partner
Hour One is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups
Deci דסי

Deci - Artificial Intelligence

09.03.20|Intel, a CTech Partner
Deci is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups