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ערן ענבר ואמיר לבנה, מייסדי פריזמה פוטוניקס

Prisma Photonics to monitor more than 1,000 km of Israel’s national electric grid

As part of its agreement with the Israel Electric Corporation, the startup’s system will alert on events occurring on the network and enhance the ability to incorporate renewable energy into the existing grid
ד"ר ערן ענבר ושמואל תורג'מן פריזמה פוטוניקס

Israel Natural Gas Lines to invest in startup Prisma Photonics

The Israeli company and INGL have recently signed an investment agreement for a pipeline monitoring system in Israel
Prisma Phonatics' Eran Inbar IEC Ofer Bloch

Israel Electric Corporation invests in startup Prisma Photonics

04.04.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s system alerts users to a range of incidents on the power transmission system and will be implemented on the Israel Electric Corporation’s grid
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Israel’s Electric Corporation Approves Compensation Settlement with Egypt

23.05.19|Lior Gutman
IEC had a standing agreement to receive gas from Egypt, but a series of sabotage explosions of the gas pipe during the Arab Spring led to it being shut down since
תחנת כוח אלון תבור של חברת חשמל

China's PMEC Looking to Buy Israeli Electricity Power Station

20.01.19|Lior Gutman
The Chinese company has partnered with Israeli firms Mivtach-Shamir Holdings and Rapac to submit a non-binding bid for the Alon Tavor power generation site

Siemens Israel to Pay $17 Million in Bribery Plea Deal

06.11.17|Tomer Ganon and Lior Gutman
German conglomerate Siemens and its Israeli subsidiary have been accused of bribing top officials at Israel Electric Corporation, a government-run energy company