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טיקטוק טיק טוק TikTok בייטדאנס ByteDance

“The biggest attack on the elections will come from the TikTok platform”

03.01.21|Omer Kabir
The next election campaign round is shifting from the streets to digital platforms, and it’s going to be dirty. TikTok provides a space free of censorship, and the combination of voting apps and WhatsApp groups may become conspiracy theories superspreaders
משמאל: ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו וראש הממשלה החליפי בני גנץ

Israel faces threat of yet another round of elections over budget disputes

Rating agencies have cautioned that further budget delays would raise concerns about Israel’s ability to implement prudent fiscal policies and could affect credit ratings
דונלד טראמפ בנימין נתניהו פגישה הבית הלבן

Trump announces “historic” peace agreement between Israel and UAE via Twitter

13.08.20|Ynet and CTech
The move follows normalization of ties signaled by collaboration between Israeli and Emirati tech companies on Covid-19 solutions
קורונה בית ספר גבעת רם קריית אתא תלמידים תלמידות מסכות

As the U.S. mulls technological tracing of students, Israel must slam the door on such proposals

07.06.20|Omer Kabir
Despite infections in schools increasing, Israel must resist the temptation of deepening its surveillance tactics

The Israeli Government's New Diet

25.02.19|Amarelle Wenkert
New dietary guidelines ban the serving of sweetened sodas, candies, and pastries in government meetings and events
גילה גמליאל השרה לשוויון חברתי כנס עסקים של החברה הערבית

Israeli Government Announces Second Smart City Program

19.07.18|Meir Orbach
The Ministry of Social Equality announced a $19 million investment to promote smart city initiatives. A similar plan with a budget of under $1 million was announced a day earlier
אנדי דוד קונסול ישראל ב סן פרנסיסקו הוועידה המוטסת סן פרנסיסקו

Israeli Diplomats Now Undergo Technology Training

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has added seminars and training sessions on technology and innovation to its training programs for diplomats headed to overseas assignments
נצרת ועידת כלכליסט כנס העסקים של החברה הערבית

Israel Allocates $5.6 Million to Set Up Tech Workspaces in Local Arab Towns

24.04.18|Hagar Ravet
The funds will be used to establish tech workspaces and improve roads in Arab towns. Israel’s Arab population has traditionally been excluded from the country’s booming tech industry
מריחואנה קנביס רפואי

Israel Set to Approve Export of Cannabis

11.04.18|Sefi Krupsky with Eli Senyor, Ynet News
The approval of medical cannabis export was included in an overall cannabis reform approved by the Israeli government in 2016 but was later halted due to a ministerial dispute
לוויין עמוס 6

Spacecom’s New Satellite Contract Ignites a Ministerial Tiff

27.03.18|Omri Milman
On Sunday, the Israeli satellite operator announced it awarded a $112 million contract for the design and manufacture of its new satellite AMOS-8 to a U.S. company
מימין בנימין נתניהו מנכ"ל סאפ SAP ביל מקדרמוט

Israel Approves $264 Million National Digital Health Program

25.03.18|Sefi Krupsky
In January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the plan to build a national personalized health system in Israel while attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos
רולף וירץ מנכ"ל TKMS חברה־בת של טיסנקרופ המתמחה ב צוללות

Israeli Government in Negotiations With ThyssenKrupp to Build a Factory in Israel

20.11.17|Adrian Filut
The German conglomerate is committed to $220 million (€187 million) in reciprocal procurements in Israel as part of a 2015 submarine deal
התעשייה האווירית הנקוק קרבון שאול שחר מון-סו צ'ו IAI Hankuk Carbon moon soo cho shaul shahar

Israel Aerospace Industries Partners With Korea’s Hankuk Carbon

17.10.17|Amarelle Wenkert
The Israeli aerospace and defense company signed a joint venture agreement with the Korean company in Seoul
אהרון אהרון מנהל רשות החדשנות סטרטאפים מבטיחים

Israel Aims to Nearly Double Tech Workforce Within a Decade

02.10.17|Amarelle Wenkert and Meir Orbach
A report published by the Israeli governmental technology investment arm details a plan to make the tech sector more inclusive