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ראיון עבודה חיפוש עבודה

From high-tech to sales floor: Tech veterans find new paths amid job market turmoil

15.04.24|Maayan Manela
Amid the economic downturn brought on by global layoffs, inflation, last year’s judicial overhaul, and Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas, many high-tech workers have been unable to find work in their field and have been forced to take menial positions
נהג של אוטובוס בית ספר אוטונומי AI

AI is set to replace 10% of employees, but what happens to the rest?

01.04.24|Maayan Manela
The introduction of artificial intelligence is already changing the labor market, the nature of jobs and the demands on employees. How do you prepare for the changing future and what skills should you cultivate or learn in order to remain relevant
מרתה פוארטו סרטן ויראלי

Why being innovative has become key to landing a job in tech

25.03.24|Maayan Manela
As the competition in the job market for every position has increased, employers are forced to go through hundreds of resumes in order to find the right candidates, making innovative and creative thinking the most important asset for today’s jobseekers
עובדים ממורמרים עבודה מהבית משרד תסכול

Quiet quitting on the rise amid tech layoffs

11.02.24|Maayan Manela
Dissatisfied high-tech employees could once easily move to another company, usually with a higher salary and perks. But today’s poor job market means that most ‘quietly quit’ instead
חברת נובה עובדים ב הייטק משרדי חברת נובה

Which tech companies are recruiting amid massive layoffs and how to land a lucrative opening

04.02.24|Maayan Manela
Amid the economic crisis and waves of layoffs, some high-tech companies are still hiring. But what does it take to secure a job when there are more candidates for every opening?
מדריך לעובדים מדריך לעובד בוס מנהל

C-Level execs feeling impact of tech crisis with salaries decreasing and job search duration doubling

22.09.23|Ariela Karmel
There has been a steady decrease in salaries for Israeli C-level tech executives as well as an increased job search duration in the last year
מפתחים מתכנתים פיתוח DEVOPS

Salaries falling for senior high-tech roles, job search duration increasing

18.09.23|Ariela Karmel
According to data collected from August 2022 to August 2023, the salary for positions that require at least eight years of experience has decreased across the board
Elevation CEO Avi Snir

Israel missed a unique opportunity to dig itself out of the tech job hole

19.03.21|Ron Friedman
Instead of isolating people, the state should have used the time to upskill them, says CEO of tech training company Elevation
חד-קרן מתנפח

The inflation of unicorns is not all bad for the Israeli economy

14.03.21|Sophie Shulman
Capital invested is far more significant than lofty valuations. The new millionaires will reignite the economy, but also widen socio-economic gaps
מתכנת HP קוד לבוש טי שירט חולצה

Survey: Software developers, Israel’s most in-demand employees, seek stability over salaries

27.01.21|Maayan Manela
Company stability and the ability to work from home are foremost on software developers priorities when seeking a new position, and many are choosing to stay put
מחשב עבודה מהבית האקר יו בי פוסט

How to land a tech job even if you didn’t study computer science

10.01.21|Maayan Manela
Non-techie tech sector workers offer advice on what to do and not to do when searching for a job in the in-demand industry
מיון מועמדים לעבודה בעזרת רובוט

Job market power shift exposes the Israeli tech scene’s rotten recruiting practices

12.11.20|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert laments the way employers are treating job applicants now that the tables have turned and demand outweighs supply
מתכנת IT דאטה ניטור אבטחת מידע

Covid-19 cutbacks? No one told the software industry, salaries see a boost despite the pandemic

07.09.20|Maayan Manela
Tech job recruiting company See.V reveals which professions saw the highest salary bumps and suggests the balance of power still leans in employees’ favor
לינקדאין Linkedin רשת חברתית  רשתות חברתיות

LinkedIn becomes a battlefield, as job searches shift to the web

21.06.20|Maayan Manela
Employees, freelancers, and job seekers alike now realize that in the world we live in today the only way to stand out, or even just be noticed, is by making their digital presence count
שאול אולמרט מנכל ומייסד החזירים המעופפים

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Nice

11.12.17|Shaul Olmert
Kindness is a virtue, even in business. But when asked to provide a reference, being honest is often more helpful to everyone involved