20 stories about Lemonade
הנפקת למונייד בורסת ניו יורק יולי 2020

Lemonade's stock crashes on 2024 forecast despite topping estimates

28.02.24|Sophie Shulman
The insurtech company's stock plummeted by 25% at the opening of trading on Wall Street following its forecast of doubling marketing expenses and a deceleration in revenue growth

Impacttech: Balancing between profit and purpose

05.09.23|James Spiro
The Jewish theory of Tikkun Olam - ‘repairing the world’ - is finally attracting the eyes of investors and corporations
מימין ניר זוהר מיכה קאופמן שי וינינגר שלומי בן חיים

Israeli software companies thrive amidst macroeconomic transformation

06.08.23|Sophie Shulman
Growth and cash reserves bolstered the bottom line in the financial reports of Wix, Fiverr, JFrog, and even Lemonade
הנפקת למונייד בורסת ניו יורק יולי 2020

General Catalyst to invest up to $150 million to help Lemonade acquire new customers

29.06.23|Yarden Rozanski
Lemonade is aiming to expedite its path to profitability through the Synthetic Agents program in which General Catalyst will finance 80% of the cost of acquiring new customers in return for 16% of the premiums generated from the insurance policies
הנפקת למונייד בורסת ניו יורק יולי 2020

Lemonade laying off dozens of employees, 3% of total workforce

16.05.23|Sophie Shulman
Most of the employees being laid off hail from R&D departments based in Israel, meaning around 10% of the company’s workforce in the country is set to leave
אירוע הנפקת למונייד

Lemonade cuts losses, plans to raise premium prices

23.02.23|Sophie Shulman
The company’s growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2022 was 116%, but despite revenues reaching $88.4 million, Lemonade still lost $63 million in the quarter
Nina Rauch 20

“I really didn't believe that it was possible to find a job that was as impactful as this.”

Small donations quickly add up and shouldn’t be underestimated, says Nina Rauch, senior social impact lead at Lemonade
הנפקת למונייד בורסת ניו יורק יולי 2020

Lemonade shares surge despite continued losses

09.08.22|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli insurtech company concluded the second quarter of the year with a loss of $68 million, but presented a 77% jump in revenue to $50 million
מטה  למונייד תל אביב חברת ביטוח אונליין

How did Lemonade turn $145 million in stock to over $155 million in cash?

28.07.22|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli insurtech company completed the acquisition of car insurance provider Metromile on Thursday for 7.3 million LMND shares, which have fallen by 70% since the deal was agreed last November
מלמעלה: מייסדי למונייד שי וינינגר ו דניאל שרייבר

Lemonade boosts auto insurance offering with $500 million acquisition of Metromile

The Israeli-founded insurtech company is turning its focus to car insurance after initially highlighting home and pet insurance
מלמעלה: מייסדי למונייד שי וינינגר ו דניאל שרייבר

Is Lemonade really worth $10 billion? Depends on who you ask

14.01.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli founded online insurance company shares some striking similarities with auto market disruptor Tesla, but not when it comes to the bottom line
אסף הנקין SPROUTT

Startups are providing a wakeup call to the insurance industry giants

04.01.21|Assaf Henkin
The current economic uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has caused what looks like a future of continued struggles for these insurance giants in the next few years
תל אביב עזריאלי משרד הביטחון יולי 2020

Covid-19, cyber, and military technology - CTech’s most popular stories of 2020

28.12.20|Elihay Vidal
As the year comes to a close, CTech presents the top 10 articles you read and shared
שי וינינגר

Shai Wininger: Lemonade’s leader

The man who helped bring two of Israel’s largest exports to the global stage
בכירי JFrog חגיגת הנפקה ב בורסה ניו יורק

Once you POP you can’t stop?

21.09.20|Sophie Shulman
The POP surges of tech shares on their opening day of trading are showing no signs of slowing down, but not everyone agrees this is a good thing
למונייד ביטוח

What did Goldman Sachs do to Lemonade and how long do employees spend on social media when WFH?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli cyber company Ermetic completes $17 million series A round
הנפקת למונייד בורסה ניו יורק

Goldman Sachs drops a bombshell on Lemonade

29.07.20|Sophie Shulman
In an unusual step, analysts from Goldman Sachs, which was the underwriter for the online insurer’s successful NYSE IPO earlier this month, cut its price target by nearly 50%, urging investors to sell
קידוח גז אסדה אסדת גז לוויתן לווייתן נובל דלק 2

What part did Israeli diplomats play in Chevron-Noble deal and can Hippo overtake Lemonade?

CTech Daily Roundup: Hippo challenging Lemonade for insurtech supremacy in unicorn battle of Israeli entrepreneurs
אסף וונד מנכ"ל היפו hippo

Hippo challenging Lemonade for insurtech supremacy in unicorn battle of Israeli entrepreneurs

21.07.20|Irit Avisar
After rival Lemonade reached a market cap of over $4 billion, Hippo has completed a $150 million financing round at a valuation of $1.5 billion
פנאי אניטה גלידה ל כלבים

Lemonade announces entry into new pet vertical as stock price flattens post-IPO hype

The new insurance product, designed exclusively for cats and dogs, joins Lemonade’s homeowners and renters insurance product