9 stories about Lyft
ציור איור יונתן פופר

One star rating: Is this the end of the road for Uber and the like?

18.05.23|Viki Auslender
After 15 years of grandiose promises, huge investments and IPOs, Uber, Lyft and DoorDash still aren't making a profit
הייפרלופ רכבת ואקום תחבורה

Hyperloop is not only radical in its technology, but also in its intellectual property strategy

13.11.20|Dov Greenbaum
Ultimately, the goal is to merge the hyperloop system with an autonomous uber system, seamlessly connecting a human-free transportation system
אפליקציה מוביט ברצלונה Moovit

Data Wars: Mobileye is the Real Engine Behind Intel’s Acquisition of Moovit

03.05.20|Hagar Ravet
Autonomous vehicle networks require huge amounts of data to train the software and various sensors as well as to save the cars of the future from having to complete thousands of hours of navigating on the roads
דייב וייסר שחר וייסר מייסד ו מנכ"ל גט gett

Gett Shuts Down Juno, Announces Collaboration With Lyft

18.11.19|Meir Orbach
Gett acquired New York-based Juno in 2017 for $200 million, but repeated reports of Gett’s attempt to sell it due to high expenses have been popping up since 2018
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Uber Expands Partnership With Moovit

03.10.19|Udi Etsion
Uber is set to expand its integration of Moovit data into its app so that riders can access real-time transit data and route planning in the Uber app to an additional 15 cities including Paris and San Fransisco
שחר וייסר גט טקסי GEtt

Gett's Measures to Avoid Uber's Fate on the Stock Exchange

20.06.19| Sophie Shulman
Seeing Uber and Lyft's numbers, Gett has come to realize that the private market is unsustainable and problematic at its core
טיראן רוטמן

Ridesharing and Pharmaceutical Companies Are More Alike Than You Think

14.06.19|Daniel Grunstein, Tiran Rothman
Ridesharing companies promote autonomous and electrified fleets by spending billions on attracting loyal customers; Life-science companies yield zero revenue and burn millions until treatment safety and efficacy are proved
מונית של גט טקסי Gatt

Ahead of Potential IPO, Gett Changes Chief Financial Officer

31.03.19|Meir Orbach
Aliaksei Aneichyk, until recently a senior executive at Credit Suisse, will be stepping in following Tal Brener’s resignation
מונית של Gett

Gett Raises $80 Million at $1.4-Billion Valuation

07.06.18|Asaf Shalev
The Israel-based taxi-app company says it aims to become profitable by the beginning of next year