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 portland trust

The Portland Trust and MEDX Xelerator launch northern branch for local medtech innovation

MEDX Xelerator’s newly-established incubator branch in the Sakhnin Valley will help spur more startups in the health and medical sectors, and boost healthcare services and the economy
Shay Raviv Zachi Berger Append

Append Medical announces a $7.4 million Series A to help with its first clinical trial

04.08.21|James Spiro
Append Medical develops the Appligator, a tool that is designed to reduce stroke risk in patients
איש העסקים וינסנט צנגוויז בעלי CBG ששותפה באלייב

British firm CBG joins medical device incubator MEDX Xelerator with $20 million investment

"The global epidemic has sharpened the need to develop advanced medical technologies with emphasis on preference for remote care, minimal contact care or home hospitalization," said Vincent Tchenguiz, owner of CBG