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קופת חולים מכבי שירותי בריאות ב רחוב אגריפס ב ירושלים

Medtech VC eHV raises $30 million for new fund

17.01.22|Meir Orbach
The new fund plans to raise a total of $40 million to invest in early-stage medtech companies
חיסון קורונה מתחסן צעיר

Proof in the numbers: Israeli HMO reinforces Covid-19 vaccine efficacy findings by Pfizer

Only 608 people out of a total 602,000 had tested positive for Covid-19 more than a week after receiving second dose
צילום מסך Diabattle

Maccabi Healthcare launches gaming research program

Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM) Playzone handed out $25,000 grants to two developer teams that created games to help fight diabetes and cognitive decline
רן סער מנכל קופת חולים מכבי

The Economic Crisis Will Kill More People Than the Virus, Warns Israeli HMO Head

21.04.20|Adrian Filut and Adi Pick
The CEO of Israeli health maintenance organization Maccabi Healthcare Services Ran Saar spoke with Calcalist about the coronavirus pandemic
הראל טייב מנכ"ל קריון

The Robot That Automates an Israeli HMO's Coronavirus Data

25.03.20|Meir Orbach
Tel Aviv-based Kryon develops virtual agents, or bots, used to automate organizational processes such as paperwork and the filing of insurance claims
קופת חולים מכבי שירותי בריאות ב רחוב אגריפס ב ירושלים

Predictive Patient Care Startup Medial EarlySign Partners With Israeli HMO on Flu Vaccine Campaign

14.01.20|Adi Pick
EarlySign combines machine-learning technology and decades-worth of electronic health records (EHR) to create an artificial intelligence-based disease risk predictor
מוסף שבועי 29.8.19 סוכרת הריון אישה בהריון מודדת סוכר בדם

Women Say Faulty Glucometers Made Their Sweet Pregnancy Bitter

30.08.19|Roni Dori
6% of pregnant women in Israel are diagnosed with gestational diabetes every year, and have to depend on blood glucose meters for the health of themselves and their babies. But what if the glucometer prescribed to many of them gave inaccurate readings?
ועידת MIND THE DATA 2016 אייל גורה מייסד ויו״ר Zebra Medical

Zebra Medical Partners With Three of Israel’s Largest Healthcare Providers

14.02.19|Tofi Stoler
Sourasky Medical Center and HMOs Clalit and Maccabi will use Zebra Medical’s algorithms to increase efficiency, prevent misdiagnosis, and improve early detection of disease and injury