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Spacetech map

Mapping Israel’s emerging spacetech ecosystem

08.02.24|Meir Orbach
There are currently 105 startups operating in Israel in the field of space applications. These companies raised a total of $314 million in the past year
Generative AI Chip

Mapping Israel's GenAI security pioneers

01.02.24|Sophie Shulman
It is estimated that in the past year there were between eight and ten Seed rounds for Israeli AI security companies, averaging $5-6 million
Mental health map

Mapping mental health innovation in Israel

30.11.23|Yoav Fisher
“Necessity is the mother of innovation, and the national trauma that has befallen Israel could be a catalyst for the next wave of mental health solutions from Israel,” says Yoav Fisher, Head of Technical Innovation at HealthIL
Software Development Life Cycle Startup Landscape

Mapping the Israeli Software Development Life Cycle landscape

21.09.23|Lotan Levkowitz, Tal Abuloff
With 100+ SDLC-focused startups and more than $5 billion in capital raised in less than a decade, Israel is the country of origin of category-leaders like JFrog, Redis, Snyk, and others
Israel GenAI map

Number of Israeli Gen AI startups more than doubles in six months

21.09.23|Kevin Baxpehler, Eze Vidra, and Amit Revivo
The total amount raised by Israeli generative AI startups so far has reached $2.3 billion, a 2.5x increase compared to the total figure from April of this year
בלוקצ'יין קריפטו מטבעות דיגיטליים 2

Mapping the rising Israeli blockchain and crypto startups

In a little over three months, five different Israeli startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors have raised significant funding
מתכנת תכנות קוד מהנדס תוכנה מחשב מחשוב

Mapping Israeli high-tech's leading R&D engineers

Ahead of Calcalist's "Developers at the Front" conference, the Mamram and Ofek alumni associations compiled a list of prominent development leaders in Israeli high-tech
Contech map

Mapping the Israeli contech landscape

There are around 100 startups in Israel active in the construction tech sector, with VC funding growing from a few million in 2018 to half a billion in the first half of 2022 alone, according to Viola Ventures
המייסדים של 4M

“Our vision is to create the first map product to access the world below us”

24.06.22|Yafit Ovadia
Startup 4M Analytics is using a combination of satellite and other data to map underground infrastructure to assist linear construction companies
Israel cloud map

Mapping the Israeli cloud landscape

28.04.22|Raz Mangel and Meir Cohen
Israeli cloud technology shows no signs of cooling off as investor appetite remains strong and promising startups are continuously emerging from stealth
ועידת ניו יורק MTT 2020

Israeli startups in New York raised more than $1 billion during the pandemic

16.11.20|Hagar Ravet
A map of 350 Israeli tech companies in the Big Apple reveals what the hottest trends are and why now is the time to open a NY office
בניין קרייזלר מנהטן ניו יורק למכירה

Mapped Israeli Women Entrepreneurs in New York

30.12.19|Elihay Vidal
A new project by “Israeli Mapped in NY” maps Israeli startups headed or founded by women
Israeli mapped in New York

Mapped Israeli Startups in New York: 2020 Edition

29.12.19|Elihay Vidal
350 startups founded by Israeli entrepreneurs are currently operating in New York, most of them in the fields of enterprise software, fintech, cyber, and retail tech, sectors focused on data collection and artificial intelligence
ערן שיר

Auto Machine Vision Startup Nexar Launches Interactive Digital Map

17.07.19|Adi Pick
By connecting user-generated updates with Nexar’s data from car cameras and sensors, the company’s new map can warn drivers of real-time road hazards, construction zones, and missing road signs
פרופ’ אמנון שעשוע מנכ"ל מובילאיי מסכם שנתיים באינטל

Mobileye CEO Outlines Israel’s Robotaxi Future

10.01.19|Galit Altstein
Intel’s Mobileye and Volkswagen AG plan to have hundreds of autonomous taxis on Tel Aviv’s streets by 2022, according to Mobileye co-founder and CEO Amnon Shashua
ניו יורק מוניות תנועה פארק אווניו

Mapped Israeli Startups in New York—Female Founders

Over the last decade more and more startups originally formed in Israel have named New York as their home base