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משה שוהם דניאל גלוזמן מייסדי ForSight Robotics

Mazor Robotics founder is at it again, raising $10 million in seed round for new startup ForSight Robotics

09.03.21|Meir Orbach
After a $1.6 billion exit with Mazor, Professor Moshe Shoham has his sights set on revolutionizing eye surgery
בורסה בורסת תל אביב

Acquisition Streak May Hamper Attempts to Upscale the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

27.09.18|Sophie Shulman
The exchange is losing some of its best companies after three Israeli companies were plucked by multinationals
אורי הדומי מנכ"ל מזור רובוטיקה

Medtronic Has Some Rosy Expectations for Mazor’s New Surgical Robots

25.09.18|Uri Tal-Tenne
Medtronic announced it will shell out $1.34 billion in cash for Israel-based Mazor Robotics on Thursday
ה רובוט אלי קיוelli q  אינטואישן רובוטיקס intuition robotics

From Smart Crates to Friendbots, Here Comes the Robo Revolution

Powered by advances in AI and material design, automatons are taking on a bigger role in our lives
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CEO of Surgical Robotics Company Mazor Robotics Subject of Insider Trading Probe

03.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Dror Reich
The investigation concerns a May 2016 deal with medical device maker Medtronic
אורי הדומי מנכ"ל מזור

Medtronic Increases Investment in Surgical Robots Company

03.09.17|Dror Reich
The medical device maker will invest $40 million in Mazor Robotics, bringing its total investment in the company to $72 million