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Billionaire Steve Cohen leads $27.5 million investment in MediWound

05.02.23|Golan Hazani
Cohen's Point72 hedge fund invested $15 million in the round in what is believed to be the billionaire’s first investment in an Israeli company
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MediWound to supply pineapple-based burn treatment to UAE's Ghassan Aboud Group

"GAG, through its healthcare arm, has extensive knowledge and experience in wound care and has a strong reach into the major clinical institutions in the UAE," said Sharon Malka, CEO of MediWound
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Biomed at the focus of new Israel-UAE business cooperation

New cross-business initiative is led by Tel-Aviv based consultancy firm Kamir Strategy and UAE-based PR firm Cosmopole
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MediWound to Supply Pineapple-Based Burn Treatment to U.S. Department of Health

07.01.20|Tzally Greenberg
The company’s product NexoBrid is a pineapple enzyme-based topical treatment for the removal of dead tissue from burn wounds
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Burn Treatment Company MediWound Enters Licensing Agreement with Vericel

10.05.19|Micky Grunfeld
The agreement, for commercial rights in North America to Mediwound’s flagship burn treatment NexoBrid, could net the company up to $150 million
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CEO of Burn Treatment Company MediWound Steps Down

Following a 12-year tenure, Gal Cohen will be replaced by the company’s current chief financial officer Sharon Malka in late May
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Pineapple Burn Treatment Company Receives Up to $43 Million in U.S. Funding

27.09.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Israeli biopharmaceutical company MediWound is awarded a new contract by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to advance the use of pineapple treatment for sulfur mustard injuries
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MediWound’s Pineapple-Based Burn Treatment to Treat Mustard Gas Burns

31.05.18|Dror Reich
The Nasdaq-listed, Israeli based company received the FDA’s approval to expand the use of flagship burn treatment NexoBrid to those suffering from Sulfur Mustard injuries
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MediWound Jumps Following Possible Acquisition Report

20.03.18|Dror Reich and Yaniv Rahimi
On Monday, the Nasdaq-listed biotech company announced it has been approached by another company regarding a potential deal
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MediWound Loses Stock Purchase Agreement Case

14.11.17|Dror Reich
The burn and wound treatment company was ordered to follow through on previous agreement to buy shares of biotech company Polyheal