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רייזור לאבס  Razor Labs מימין רז רודיטי מנכ״ל מיכאל זולוטובCTO עידו רוזנברג CSO

Razor Labs cuts deal with global mining giant for up to $31 million

08.11.23|Meir Orbach
The company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will receive a guaranteed return of $19 million in a five-year contract; Razor Labs shares responded by soaring 304% to a value of NIS 73 million ($19 million).
אסטרואיד ב חלל

Is space mining legal?

21.12.21|Dov Greenbaum
"If we want space mining to have a happy ending, its important that we adequately resolve the open legal questions while also creating new laws and regulations that will both incentivize beneficial mining," writes Dov Greenbaum
הדר שור נספח כלכלי צ'ילה

Resolute Chile ready for Israeli tech solutions, says trade attaché

13.07.20|Allon Sinai
Hadar Shor believes Chile should be an obvious market for Israeli companies and can also serve as a perfect springboard to the rest of South America
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Israeli Billionaire Hires Black Cube to Spy on Former Partner Company Vale

24.05.20|Sophie Shulman
The surveillance company spent four months gathering evidence to void a previous $1.8 billion ruling against Beny Steinmetz in favor of Vale for allegedly withholding information concerning an illegally obtained mining license in Guinea
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Jacob Engel to Pay $570 Million for Right to Mine Hanaton Quarry

14.05.20|Dror Marmor
White Sands bid substantially higher than its competitors for the right to mine construction materials for 20 years.
רועי סבג בלוקצ'יין כרייה משאבי טבע

Crypto Mining Outfit Bitfarms to Depreciate $19 Million as Founder Denounces Bitcoin

11.03.19|Tzally Greenberg
Founder and former CEO Roy Sebag twitted on Wednesday that he has sold all of his bitcoin assets barring his 22.5% Bitfarms stake
ביטקוין עובדים משקיעים כסף דיגיטלי מטבע וירטואלי

Citing Crypto Downturn, Bitmain Closes Israeli R&D Outpost

10.12.18|Hagar Ravet
The Chinese bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer opened an Israeli operation in 2016
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Israeli Lawmakers Want to Tie Dead Sea Mining Rights to its Rehabilitation

06.06.18|Omri Milman
Minerals extracted from the Dead Sea net Israel hundreds of millions of shekels a year, but the body of water is receding at an annual rate of 1.2 meters (3.3 feet), causing multiple sinkholes in the area and collapsing buildings and roads
כיל ים המלח ICL Dead Sea

Dead Sea Receding by 3 Feet a Year, Report Says

14.02.18|Lior Gutman and Tofi Stoler
As the beleaguered body of water dries up, the environmental and economic consequences are dire
רועי סבג בלוקצ'יין כרייה משאבי טבע

In Stark Contrast to Past Statements, Bitcoin Company Says No Steps Taken to List in Toronto

07.02.18|Reut Shpigelman
After the Israeli regulator moved to bar cryptocurrency-oriented companies from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Blockchain Holdings’ CEO Roy Sebag announced the company has received preliminary approval for listing on Toronto and Nasdaq
כיל ים המלח ICL Dead Sea

After 78 Years, Israel May Extend Dead Sea Mining Rights to Non-Israeli Companies

24.01.18|Omri Milman and Lilach Baumer
The current permit held by Israel-based ICL will expire in 2030. A government draft proposal recommends allowing non-Israeli entities to participate in a future tender
עובדי חברת טבע ב ירושלים מפגינים נגד ה פיטורים

CTech’s Weekly Israeli Tech News Roundup

How the Teva drama unfolded. Israeli judge orders Facebook to reinstate a terminated page. Israeli regulator blocks crypto-mining company
נשיא גינאה אלפא קונדרה

Clutching at $20-billion Chinese Loan, Guinea to Drop Graft Claims Against Israeli Billionaire

11.12.17|Zohar Shahar Levy
Beny Steinmetz’s BSG Resources will be allowed to restart its iron mining operation in the country, a person close to the Guinean president said
מייסדי Backbone Hosting מימין: פייר לוק קווימפר אמיליאנו גרודצקי מתיו וישון ו ניקולס בונטה

Canadian Crypto Mining Company Finds Way to Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

07.12.17|Orr Hirschauge, Amarelle Wenkert and Dror Reich
Backbone Hosting Solutions will be merged with Israeli shelf company Natural Resource Holdings. The latter’s stock price shot up over 4000%