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Protai Founders

Protai adds $12 million to Seed round as it aims to build oncology drug discovery pipeline

The Israeli startup, which has built a proteomics AI-based platform that comprehensively maps the course of a disease on the protein level, aims to better predict which patients will respond to a given drug as well as discover novel drug targets that were missed by genomic approaches
מייסדי Nucleai

Nucleai raises $33 million for spatial biology drug development platform

22.03.22|Meir Orbach
The technology developed at the Israeli startup allows better prediction of the patient's response to specific oncological treatment, saves on the ongoing process of testing different drugs and improves the chances of the development of new cancer drugs
אוהד ארזי מנכ"ל זברה מדיקל

Israel’s Zebra Medical Vision gets its first FDA clearance in oncology

28.07.20|James Spiro
The new approval marks the sixth time the medical imaging company has earned FDA clearance
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Oncology Company Alpha Tau Raises $29 Million

06.09.18|Hezi Sternlicht
Alpha Tau’s cancer treatment technology uses alpha radiation to treat solid tumors with radiation particles that are released inside the tumor, killing the surrounding cells
סרטן ריאות גידול סרטני

Israeli Oncology Company Alpha Tau is Raising Funds

22.08.18|Hezi Sternlicht
Alpha Tau is in the last stages of raising an investment of several tens of millions of dollars