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מהנדסת פלסטינית ומהנדס ישראלי עובדים יחד במרכז הפיתוח של אפל

Apple expanding R&D hub in Palestinian Authority

28.06.22|Omer Kabir
Apple currently employs 60 people in the city of Rawabi after starting initially with a group of five engineers less than four years ago
מימין דב מורן מיה ליקוורניק מולי אדן רים יונס פאנל מחיר הסיפוח

Tech leaders say West Bank annexation would be catastrophic for Israel

A panel of tech executives warns of the likely harm to befall their industry and the entire economy in the event of Israel deciding to take over parts of the West Bank
עזה מהנדסות הייטק sky geeks

With 241 Startups, and 20% Female Entrepreneurs, Palestinian Tech is Growing

11.07.18|Amarelle Wenkert
A World Bank report published Wednesday provides a snapshot of the Palestinian tech ecosystem
אפליקציית נסיעות Careem קארים

Ramallah Says 'No' to Dubai-Based Ride-Hailing Service

06.11.17|Doron Peskin
Careem, Uber’s Middle Eastern rival, is exiting the Palestinian market