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מגזין מנהלים 31.12.20 השקת ה מותג פרטנר מרכז הירידים

Apollo Global Management in negotiations with Hutchinson to acquire Israeli telco Partner

05.08.21|Golan Hazani
Hong Kong-based Hutchison has been in talks for over six months with Apollo, one of the world's biggest investment companies which had $455 billion in assets under management as of the start of 2021
מטה גוגל מאונטיין וויו קליפורניה

Google’s upcoming plans for Israel: a server farm and fiber optics network

02.08.21|Raphael Kahan
After being awarded the government tender for cloud computing, Google is expanding its Israel operations. Calcalist has learned that will include a server farm in the Sharon region and an ultra-high speed fiber network, in addition to its subsea cables linking Europe to Israel
לירן דן סמנכ"ל שיווק ב פרטנר בהשקת פרטנר TV

Partner VP Strategy Liran Dan steps down, joins executive exodus

27.05.21|Roee Bergman
Former Director of Communications at the Prime Minister's Office follows in the footsteps of departing CEO Isaac Benbenisti, as well the Deputy CEO, CMO and VP of HR
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

Partner CEO Isaac Benbenisti announces intentions to step down

05.04.21|Avior Abou
During his six-year tenure, he oversaw the launch of Partner’s television services, initiated the deployment of fiber optic cables, and launched 5G cellular services in the country
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

Partner TV becomes first Israeli provider to offer its customers access to Amazon Prime

30.03.21|Elihay Vidal
CEO Isaac Benbenisti says the move strengthens Partner TV's position as a super-aggregator of content
איציק בנבנישתי מנכל פרטנר

Partner and 8200 Impact are solving social problems through technology

17.03.21|Elihay Vidal
Israeli cell phone company Partner and the 8200 Impact accelerator have partnered to solve social problems of equality, empathy, inclusivity, and doing good to help emerge from the financial crisis
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

“Coronavirus has increased awareness for fiber optic-based internet,” says Partner CEO

08.12.20|Elihay Vidal
The pandemic has raised the need for high-speed internet, says Israeli mobile phone company CEO during Calcalist’s Mind The Tech Tel Aviv
אבו דאבי איחוד הנסיכויות המפרץ הפרסי

What in the world is 'Project Carpaccio' and which Israeli company is doing business in Abu Dhabi?

CTech Daily Roundup: Employee surveillance tools emerge as a serious side effect of Covid-19
איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר 16.8.20 ועידת Mind The Tech

Revolution, not evolution: CEO of Israeli telco Partner says his company is prepared for 5G

17.08.20|Maayan Manela
"As a forward-thinking company, we want to make sure we are ready to meet the demands of the future," said Isaac Benbensti
בדיקת תשתיות תקשורת טכנולוגיית 5G של וואווי הסינית ב לונדון

Israel joining 5G revolution with launch of deployment tender

03.08.20|Avior Abou
The winners will be required to complete the deployment within five years and begin providing 5G services within 18 months of the start of the process
ג'ייסון גרינבלט בכנס הרצליה

Jason Greenblatt | OurCrowd, Partner

Equity crowdfunding company OurCrowd has appointed Jason Greenblatt as partner in the company
ועידת Mind the tech TLV איציק בנבנישתי מנכ"ל פרטנר

TV Providers That Fail to Become Super Aggregators Will Turn Obsolete, Says Telco Exec

27.11.19|Avior Abou
Isaac Benbenisti, CEO of Israeli telecom Partner, spoke at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv