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Dell Technologies Capital Yair

Startup Nation’s response to October 7 will “improve the prestige of the Israeli high-tech industry,” says DTC

09.04.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Dell Technologies Capital’s Yair Snir joined CTech to share insights on the VC space in 2024
Rowan Trollope Redis

Data unicorn Redis acquires Israeli startup Speedb to boost platform with data storage engine

“Acquiring Speedb takes Redis beyond RAM, and opens the door for us to serve an integral role in powering today’s most exciting and innovative applications,” said Rowan Trollope, CEO of Redis
Rowan Trollope Redis

Redis announces CEO transition, appoints Rowan Trollope to replace Ofer Bengal

Trollope joins Redis from Five9, where he served as CEO for over four years. Bengal co-founded Redis in 2011 with Yiftach Shoolman and has served as its CEO since its inception
עופר בנגל יפתח שולמן רדיס לאבס

Redis Labs heading to Nasdaq at $4-5 billion valuation

21.12.21|Golan Hazani
The Israeli database software developer is targeting an IPO in May 2022 at a valuation that is more than double the $2 billion at which it raised its Series G round in April of this year
דניאל לוינסקי רדיס לבס

The gamer behind an army of automated tests

05.07.21|Sponsored Content
Daniel Lewinski, web test automation developer at Redis Labs, has fully embraced work from home but is delighted to have room to be innovative, learn, and suggest new ideas at the Israeli unicorn
Daniel Arbel Redis Labs

Redis Labs: From hiring freeze to Unicorn status, all in a pandemic year

After briefly pausing its recruitment efforts last year, the open-source database provider came back swinging after a massive funding round
יואל בר מייסד חברת טראקס  TRAX

$1 billion in a single day - Israeli tech sets new investment record

08.04.21|Meir Orbach
Around $500 million didn't go into company accounts, but rather to those of investors, employees, and executives via secondary deals
עופר בנגל יפתח שולמן רדיס לאבס

Tiger Global and Softbank pour $310 million into Redis Labs

07.04.21|Meir Orbach
Israeli database software developer closed a $110 million series G round at a company valuation of more than $2 billion in addition to completing a $200 million secondary transaction
עופר בנגל מנכ"ל רדיס לאבס

“Israeli airport security confiscated our passports and took us straight to ‘corona-hostels,’” recounts returning tech exec

31.12.20|Maayan Manela
Ofer Bengal the CEO of Redis Labs describes a miserable experience of being forced into quarantine upon his return from London
שיגור לוויין הריגול אופק 16 5.7.20

What is Israel's new spy satellite photographing and who is the country's latest unicorn?

CTech Daily Roundup: Redis Labs completes $100 million funding round making it Israel’s newest Unicorn
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים עופר בנגל ו יפתח שולמן ייסדי רדיס לאבס Redis labs

Redis Labs completes $100 million funding round making it Israel’s newest Unicorn

25.08.20|Hagar Ravet
“Companies such as ours need to grow very aggressively in order to succeed,” said CEO Ofer Bengal
פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019  MONDAY.COM

Calcalist's Top 50 Startups 2019: #11-#17

08.05.19|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
Super-fast databases and user-generated marketing content
עופר בנגל יפתח שולמן רדיס לאבס

Database Software Developer Redis Labs Raises $60 Million to Scale Up Operations

19.02.19|Lilach Baumer
Redis develops and sells database management software based on Redis, a popular open source database
מימין עופר בנגל ו יפתח שולמן מייסדי Redis Labs

Database Software Developer Redis Labs Doubles its Tel Aviv Office Space

31.05.18|Dotan Levy
The Israel-based company lists Microsoft, eBay, Twitter and Apple among its customers
מימין עופר בנגל ו יפתח שולמן מייסדי Redis Labs

Goldman Sachs to Back Database Startup Redis Labs

03.08.17|Meir Orbach
The Israel-based startup raised $44 million in Series D funding. The company developed a popular Redis-based DB optimization tool