10 stories about STEM
עותמאן אלשיך

Siraj Technologies is lighting the way forward for Israeli Bedouin high tech integration

18.04.21|Yafit Ovadia
The startup, led by two Israeli-Bedouin entrepreneurs, works to streamline onboarding Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices to cloud platforms by relying on AI and deep learning algorithms
Mary Hainrichson

Women represent an untapped pool of scientific talent, what we need is more role models

11.02.21|Mary Hainrichson
In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, MeMed’s Dr. Mary Hainrichson offers some words of encouragement
מוסף שבועי 17.12.20 גיטנג'לי ראו

The world’s smartest girl: Colorado teen is solving life’s big problems

19.12.20|Roni Dori
At age 11, Gitanjali Rao, developed a revolutionary device to detect hazardous substances in drinking water; at 14 the Gen Z teen made an app to battle cyberbullying, and was chosen by Time as “Kid of the Year”
מוסף שבועי 10.7.14 יצחק בן ישראל

“When it comes to space, Israel has its own new frontiers to conquer”

11.12.20|Yafit Ovadia
Isaac Ben-Israel, head of Israel’s Cyber Center and Chairman of the Israel Space Agency shares his thoughts about cybersecurity, his predictions for the Israeli space industry, and the country’s upcoming space endeavors
מחשב נייד לפטופ 2

Amazon Partners With RoboGroup to Offer Remote STEM Courses for Children and Youth

23.03.20|Sophie Shulman
The program is aimed at underprivileged populations and is meant to promote learning among students who are missing school due to the coronavirus lockdown
שיעור ביולוגיה ימית ב בית ספר רמה ב רמת השרון

School-Age Education May Offer Best Hope for Israel’s Tech Talent Crunch, Says Report

05.06.19|Lilach Baumer
Israel’s tech industry is already tapping most of Israel’s existing highly skilled workers, casting doubt on the viability of various incentive programs intended to draw more people to the sector, according to a new report by the Taub Institute for Social Policy Studies
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MIT Partners With Seven Israeli Academic Institutions on a STEM Fund

MIT’s newly launched fund will award grants of up to $30,000 to collaborative projects between MIT researchers and Israeli faculty members
טקס הענקת תארים של בוגרי המרכז הבינתחומי אקדמאים סטודנטים

For Israel, New Statistics Raise Brain Drain Concerns

10.10.18|Lilach Baumer and Shahar Ilan
New data from the country's Central Bureau of Statistics shows that educated Israelis are increasingly prone to spending time abroad—and to staying there
נפתלי בנט שר החינוך

More Israeli High Schoolers Enrolled in STEM Electives, but Ministry Inflated Numbers

04.10.18|Shahar Ilan
A former software entrepreneur, Israel’s education minister has pushed forward a reform to increase the number of STEM students
טקס הענקת תארים של בוגרי המרכז הבינתחומי אקדמאים סטודנטים

Israeli Students Ditch Humanities, Enroll in STEM Degrees

02.08.18|Shahar Ilan
Between 2013 and 2017 the number of students signing up for computer science and math degrees in Israel has gone up 28%, new data reveals