Startup Boarding Pass

20 stories about Startup Boarding Pass

How does CADY tackle errors in electrical schematics?

The company has raised a total of $4 million to improve the product design process
Veinway team

VeinWay opens up the path to stop blood clots in underappreciated patients

The company has raised a total of $2.5 million to help patients with chronic venous disease
Admonis Team

Admonis’ efforts to automate e-commerce activity

The company has raised $1.6 million to help companies manage and automate their e-commerce activity in one place and update information in their systems in real-time
Boarding Pass Dotsoil

Connect the DOTS: How one company is helping farmers with their fertilization efforts

DOTS has raised a total of $1.9 million to develop a system helping farmers monitor their fertilizer levels in the soil
Maya Raya PoLoPo

“We can revolutionize the food industry by offering a sustainable and safer protein source”

PoLoPo has raised $1.75 million to develop the production of animal-based proteins in plants
Spinframe Ori

“No one is superhuman,” says Spinframe with its AI-powered inspection tool

The company has raised a total of $2.5 million and hopes to secure a new fundraising round in the coming months.
Tamir Pulkit Strive Math

"The most important skill we can give kids is learning how to be adaptable"

Strive Math has raised a total of $1.4 million to help make education for kids more joyful and meaningful.

“There is a $5 billion opportunity in the ADHD market”

MindTension has raised a total of $2 million for its tool helping diagnose and treat optimization of ADHD and related mental health comorbidities
ACiiST Iris Ganz

“Connectivity is the foundation of smart outdoors”

ACiiST Smart City Networks has raised a total of $2.5 million for its camera network for smart cities
ITC Team

“AI is overtaking the traffic engineering ability to manage traffic”

ITC has recently raised an additional $5 million to help with the productization of its traffic management platform
Lioz Amar Travaxy

Travaxy is on a mission to transform travel providers into accessibility experts

The company has raised a total of $570,000 to help with accessibility during the planning of travel arrangements
Conbo Founders’s billion-dollar opportunity to revolutionize maritime terminals

The Israeli company has raised $2 million to help with the sensitivities surrounding supply chains
BioRaptor Team

“People working on technologies for humanity should have the best tools possible”

BioRaptor recently raised $3 million in Seed to generate actionable scientist-friendly insights
Apply Design Founders 2

Y Combinator’s newest member wants to revolutionize the online real estate game

Apply Design has received $3.3 million in Seed for its technology that generates furniture in images of empty properties
Ritual Team

The startup helping couples with their relationship challenges

Israeli startup Ritual has raised $2 million to help fill the gap left by a lack of therapists in the U.S.
Yishai Mishor

“Consumers are curious about today’s meat alternatives, but they aren’t satisfied with them”

Israeli startup Meat.The End has raised $4 million to help with the texture of alternative meat
SensePass Team

SensePass bringing new opportunities for the un-banked and under-banked

The Israeli company recently raised $3 million to take on credit card monopolies
Cognishape Team

“Cognitive decline is the real pandemic of the modern age”

Cognishape has recently raised $1 million to help older adults with cognitive decline
Deliverider Founders

From Shufersal to startup: Deliverider receives $2 million for its middle-mile logistics solution

The Israeli startup allows e-commerce companies to offer low-cost-non-inventory products alongside their in-stock selections
Altooro Wasim Mo אלטורו וסים אבו סאלם ומוחמד מיטוואלי

Altooro’s platform helps companies “evaluate skills, not resumes”

The company has raised $2.5 million to scout hidden gems and identify creative users, superstars, and outliers for the tech sector