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סטייק מתורבת אלף פארמס

Israel’s alternative protein sector suffered 78% investment decline, double global drop

23.05.24|Shani Ashkenazi
The fall in investments in 2023 in Israel, which was considered a leader in the field of alternative protein, came amid political unrest and the outbreak of the war 

Israeli foodtech startups rank second in the world in terms of investments

While the slowdown in the markets hurt Israeli tech and led to a decrease of approximately 42% in investments between 2021 and 2022, investments in foodtech companies decreased by only 18%
Alla Voldman Rantzer

Cultivated meat consortium receives $18 million grant from Israel Innovation Authority

The consortium of 14 companies and 10 academic labs aims to develop more efficient, cost-competitive production methods and pilot scale-up opportunities that are aligned with the food industry of cultivated meat
SavorEat Burger Inside Half

Israeli alternative-meat ecosystem on fast track for growth

06.05.21|Andrew Jacobson
According to a report released by The Good Food Institute Israel, alt-protein has accelerated faster than any other industry in Israel since 2018