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פט גלסינגר מנכ"ל אינטל העולמית

Intel Inside: CEO shares his plans to restoring the chip giant’s supremacy

01.03.22|Sophie Shulman
A year after taking over the helm, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger sees Israel as a key piece of the puzzle
משרדי אינטל מפעל טאואר חדש

After decades of uncertainty, Tower is reaping the benefits of the chaos in the chip market

15.02.22|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli chip company is being sold to Intel for $5.4 billion; The deal comes after years of uncertainty over Tower's viability, but today the company is able to meet Intel's need to split its production capabilities and reduce activity in the East
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Intel acquiring Israel's Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 billion

15.02.22|Reuters and CTech
Tower specializes in analog chips used in the automotive, mobile, medical and aerospace industries. It had a market capitalization of $3.6 billion as of Monday's close
מפעל טאואר סמי קונדוקטר ב מגדל העמק

Tower announces 'all systems go' following a disruptive ransom cyberattack

10.09.20|Meir Orbach
Due to the manufacturing disruption, the company expects some level of impact on its third-quarter results
מפעל טאואר סמי קונדוקטר ב מגדל העמק

RYUK virus running riot as it strikes down another victim in Tower

08.09.20|Meir Orbach
It is believed that Tower wasn't the only Israeli company that came under attack by the virus over the past weekend
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Tower to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to hackers who paralyzed its manufacturing

07.09.20|Meir Orbach
The Israeli semiconductor company’s insurance firm will cover the costs for the ransomware attack
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Tower proves there is no shame in being the victim of a cyberattack

06.09.20|Meir Orbach
The companies that should really be ashamed are the ones that think that they can hide the breach, not understanding that it will be revealed in retrospect or while it's ongoing
מנכ"ל טאואר ראסל אלוונגר

Israeli chipmaker Tower confirms cyberattack forced it to shut down systems

06.09.20|Meir Orbach
Tower notified the relevant authorities, including law enforcement, of the incident and reported it to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Sunday, but didn't say whether it was the victim of a ransomware attack

Tower Semiconductor Announces Medical Chip Development With Chinese Biotech Company Axbio

06.03.19|Hezi Sternlicht
Tower stated the device, which is intended for blood test analyses, is planned to go into production in mid-2019
מנכ"ל טאואר ראסל אלוונגר

Earnings Report Boosts Tower Semiconductor on Nasdaq Despite Cut to Profits

20.02.19|Hezi Sternlicht
Tower lost around 50% of its stock valuation over the past 12 months
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Tower Semiconductor's Stock Down 21% Following Underwhelming Third Quarter Results

Tower reported revenues of $323 million for the quarter ending Sept. 30, down 9% compared with the same period last year, and 3.5% short of prior estimates
מגזין מנהלים 25.12.17 50 המנהלים הטובים ראסל אלוואנגר מנכל טאואר סמיקונדקטור

Weakness in the Mobile Sector Drags Down Tower Semiconductor’s Quarterly Profits

26.07.18|Hezi Sternlicht
On Thursday, the company reported net profits of $38 million, up 45% from the first quarter of the year but down 24% compared to the second quarter of 2017
ראסל אלוונגר מנכ"ל טאואר

Tower Semiconductor Reveals Optimistic Forecast Despite Underwhelming First Quarter

23.03.18|Uri Tal-Tenne
After years of piling up losses and debt, in recent years Tower began reporting impressive profitability
ראסל אלוונגר מנכ"ל טאואר

Chip Company's New Heights Leave Investors Lukewarm

07.11.17|Eli Shimony
Despite reporting peak revenues, a cautious fourth quarter outlook sent Tower Semiconductor’s stock down by 4%
Tower Tacoma

Tacoma Technology Partners with Israeli Chipmaker to Build Nanjing Fab

23.08.17|Nir Tal
The companies partnered in a $3 billion project to build a chip manufacturing and design industry park