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מיקי בודאי מייסד ומנכ"ל טרנסמיט

After four huge exits, Mickey Boodaei now wants to turn Transmit Security into the Google of the cyber world

30.09.22|Meir Orbach & Diana Bahur-Nir
Serial entrepreneur Boodaei is convinced that Transmit will be the next big thing in the field of online identity security, and according to quite a few signs, he has every reason to be optimistic
מייסדי Island

Island announces partnership with cybersecurity icons

23.02.22|James Spiro
The news comes following the announcement that the company emerged from stealth with nearly $100 million for its Enterprise Browser
Lior Simon ctech ליאור סימון

E-commerce companies need identity protection solutions to combat fraud

“E-commerce is a large market that is growing, where fraud and security solutions need to be in place. Wherever there is a lot of money, attacks are waiting at the front door,” says Cyberstarts General Partner Lior Simon, speaking at Calcalist’s E-commerce 360 conference.
מימין מיקי בודאי ו ראקש לונקאר מייסדי טרנסמיט סקיוריטי Transmit Security

Transmit Security’s serial unicorn entrepreneurs strike again

25.06.21|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
The Israeli cybersecurity company’s recent $543 million round was just the latest on a long list of successes by its founders, Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, highlighting how much easier it is for returning entrepreneurs to raise funds and recruit employees
מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 מיקי בודאי מייסד Transmit Security

Transmit Security raises record $543 million Series A at $2.2 billion valuation

22.06.21|Meir Orbach
The company co-founded by Mickey Boodaei, which developed a device-based biometrics solution for customer authentication, was bootstrapped prior to completing the largest Series A funding round in cybersecurity history
מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 מיקי בודאי מייסד Transmit Security

“You need a lot of willpower to reject the money being pushed on you these days”

14.04.21|Meir Orbach
Mickey Boodaei, the founder of Transmit Security, wants to take the burden of security off of mobile users’ hands
מיקי בודאי Mickey Boodaei Gateways Stampa

Mickey Boodaei: Israeli cyber's unheralded entrepreneur

Boodaei is considered to be one of the country's most successful cyber entrepreneurs in the last decade
נאס"א אסטרונאוט חלל PLAY

Who raised $130 million and how much will Israel's second astronaut pay to go to space?

CTech Daily Roundup: Covid-19 is a dream for the cyber sector, say Transmit Security executives
מימין מיקי בודאי ראקש לונקר ועידת ניו יורק

Transmit Security executives discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the cyber industry

17.11.20|James Spiro
Joining Calcalist and CTech’s Meir Orbach at Mind The Tech NY 2020, Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar talk about how lockdowns effected the ecosystem