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UK Rally Pro Palestine

Thousands come out for and against Israel as protests commence globally

11.10.23|James Spiro
World leaders may be sending their ‘thoughts and prayers’ and calling for peace, but communities around the world may feel differently
HMA Neil Wigan Embassy

UK Ambassador: “I don't think anyone comes to Israel and is not convinced that technology is the future”

15.05.23|James Spiro
Outgoing UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan spoke to CTech about his time at the post and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way
סיטק ועידת לונדון 2023 אניטה לוויאנט CTech Mind The Tech London 2023 Anita Leviant וידאו

"Like the State of Israel we are really focused on innovation"

Anita Leviant, President of the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce and Innovation and head of LA Global Consulting, was speaking with CTech at Mind the Tech London
סיטק ועידת לונדון 2023 יונתן גן CTech Mind The Tech London 2023 Jonathan Gan וידאו

"More and more Israeli companies are coming to London"

Jonathan Gan, who helps advise Israeli entrepreneurs and companies on how to penetrate the UK market, was speaking to CTech during Mind the Tech London
UK Israel

UK-Israel relationship to hit new heights amid rocky times

16.10.22|James Spiro
National security, Brexit, and innovation are all reasons why the UK and Israel have been reassessing their trade relationship, explained Matthew Salter, Director at the Department for International Trade in the UK Embassy
Jonathan Gan Whichit

8 things an Israeli startup must know about the UK market

23.08.22|Jonathan Gan
“This list is a macro-level review of the important aspects that will provide Israeli entrepreneurs and startups with insight before attempting to join the UK market,” explains Whichit CEO Jonathan Gan
מוסף שבועי 4.8.22 ג'יימס האוולס

How to find 8,000 bitcoins buried under 110,000 tons of garbage

04.08.22|Roni Dori
In the depths of a landfill in Wales rests a hard drive with bitcoins currently worth around $185 million. James Howells, the man who accidentally threw the drive in the trash nine years ago, explains his crazy plan to locate, extract and restore the lost coins
UK Israel Health Gateway

UK government opens gateway for Israeli tech companies interested in the NHS

12.05.22|James Spiro
The UK-Israel Tech Gateway program will open channels for collaborations and adaptation of Israeli healthcare tech for UK citizens
ועידת Mind The Tech לונדון Anna Bayes Ctech וידאו

“Covid-19 was a huge impetus for health IT” in the UK during the pandemic

31.03.22|James Spiro
Dr. Anna Bayes, UK Medical Director at Allscripts, discusses the impact that the pandemic had on the urgency to adopt new technologies
REE Team

Israel’s REE awarded £14 million from UK government

22.08.21|James Spiro
The funding is part of the country’s Net-Zero Emissions Program
Dr. Moshiel Biton Addionics

Addionics charges ahead with next-gen batteries

20.08.21|James Spiro
The company can reduce charge times and performance of batteries for EVs and consumer electronics
Covid-19 provides an opportunity to make Israel more tech   inclusive

Israel maintains third place globally in tech, almost overtaking UK

20.06.21|James Spiro
While Startup Nation hasn’t moved up on the Startup Ecosystem Index Report, its rising score is showing a healthy trend
מערכת ראיית לילה אלביט צבא הולנד

Elbit awarded $16 million project to supply night vision goggles to UK Armed Forces

The new deal comes on the back of $166 million contract from the UK Ministry of Defence for the Royal Navy Future Naval Training Program
Or Lenchner Bright Data

Israel’s Bright Data to help UK with its national data strategy

23.05.21|James Spiro
“The NDS will put the UK at the forefront of unlocking the full social and economic potential of data,” said Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data
UK Israel

British Embassy in Israel launches new VC club

05.05.21|James Spiro
Currently, UK investment only accounts for 3% of Israeli startup funding, compared to 35% from the US
Osu Founders

Israeli startup Osu raises $3.2 million to help self-employed workers in the UK

25.03.21|James Spiro
The company helps self-employed and freelancers accept and manage payments through an app
Roei Deutsch Jolt

Israel’s Jolt is set to help UK citizens with training program for high-tech jobs

29.11.20|James Spiro
Under the British plan, Jolt will be training young British people in England to make them more desirable for the high-tech sector
Zachi Zach צחי זך

Boom25 Offers Online Shoppers a Cash-Back Sweepstake

02.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Boom25 introduces a new cash-back model. Instead of accumulating a percentage of every purchase, shoppers on the company’s ecommerce site enter a cash-back sweepstake. The company, which operates in the U.K., raised $1 Million in August
אתר 888

Gambling Firm 888 to Pay Record £8 Million Fine

The U.K. Gambling Commission penalized the online gambling company for 'failing vulnerable customers'
חברת playtech

Playtech Buys ACM Assets for $150 Million

24.08.17|Dror Reich
The online gambling technology company will use the assets to upgrade its financial services