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אפליקציית ניווט ווייז גוגל Waze

Waze resumes real-time traffic updates in Israel despite war

24.12.23|Omer Kabir
The navigation app has restored live traffic information in coordination with the IDF's Home Front Command. Google Maps has also partially restored its traffic display, while Apple’s service remains disabled
סלולארי אפליקציה ווייז וויז waze

New Waze Feature Provides Early Warning for Accident-Prone Roads

08.11.23|Omer Kabir
Google's navigation app has launched a feature that will show drivers alerts when they drive on “red” roads. The feature, which relies on driver reports and AI capabilities, is an encouraging sign that Google hasn't completely abandoned its investment in Waze
אפליקציית ניווט ווייז גוגל Waze

Waze and Google maps disable real-time traffic reports in Israel due to Gaza war

23.10.23|Viki Auslender
This is not the first time Google has taken such action. In the early stages of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Google disabled its real-time mapping services to prevent the tracking of military movements and civilians seeking shelter
אפליקציית ניווט ווייז גוגל Waze

GPS jamming disrupts location applications for Israeli mobile users

National Cyber Directorate: "GPS jamming is actively employed for various security needs. Citizens should be aware that activating jamming can lead to temporary disruptions in location-based applications"
סלולארי אפליקציה ווייז וויז waze

Waze hit with layoffs six months after being merged into Google Geo

28.06.23|CTech and Reuters
Alphabet-owned Google said it is cutting jobs at the mapping app as it merges the app's advertising system with Google Ads technology
סלולארי אפליקציה ווייז וויז waze

Google merges Waze and Maps teams to cut costs

08.12.22|Reuters and CTech
Waze employs over 500 people, a significant number of which are based out of Israel. Google said it didn’t expect any layoffs as part of the reorganization
נועם ברדין מנכ”ל Waze וסגן נשיא בגוגל לשעבר

"Employees have become mercenaries rather than devoted teammates"

09.11.22|Elihay Vidal
Noam Bardin, former CEO of Waze and VP at Google, spoke about the characteristics of Israeli high-tech and detailed the reasons for the crisis in the field
ווייז WAZE נסיעה משותפת טרמפים קארפול

Waze closes carpool service, cites changing driving trends

28.08.22|Udi Etsion
Five years after its launch, and after hiring dozens of new employees, Waze is shutting down its carpool service. Israel’s Moovit will continue to operate its own version of the service, but will shared carpools continue to ‘reach their destination?’
מוסף שבועי 10.5.18 הון אנושי יוסי ורדי

Yossi Vardi: “You cannot expect to succeed if you cannot take a punch”

19.12.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
One of the forefathers of Israel’s tech ecosystem explains why luck is so important to entrepreneurs and why he likes to bring up his own glorious failures
גיגי לוי וייס שותף ב NFX

The insider story of Waze

NFX General Partner Gigi Levy-Weiss talks with Noam Bardin about the early days at Waze, what makes data valuable and how do you combine humans and algorithms
נהא פאריק המנכ"לית החדשה של waze

Neha Parikh appointed as new Waze CEO

26.05.21|Meir Orbach
Parikh is the former President of Hotwire (of the Expedia Group) and replaces Noam Bardin, who announced his departure last year after eight years at the company that was acquired by Google in 2013
נועם ברדין על רקע מטה גוגל

Waze CEO on his decision to leave Google: “I was just worn down by the nature of the beast”

18.02.21|Elihay Vidal
The CEO shares a personal and critical post about what led him to leave the world of Corp-Tech behind
אורי לוין יזם מייסד ווייז

"Google's acquisition of Waze gave birth to 50 other Israeli unicorns"

31.12.20|Sophie Shulman
Israel currently boasts around 10% of the world's unicorns and Waze founder and serial entrepreneur Uri Levine believes Waze has a lot to do with that
המבורגר צמחי תחליף בשר מקדונלדס מקפלנט mcplant

Who launched a $300 million life science fund and is Waze about to lose its way?

CTech Daily Roundup: Thousands of Israelis risk being blackmailed after network of sexual meetup sites breached
נועם ברדין מנכ"ל ווייז במלון הילטון

Noam Bardin steps down as Waze CEO, says time for new leadership

10.11.20|Meir Orbach
Bardin joined the mobile navigation app developer 12 years ago and led it through Google's $1.1 billion acquisition of the company in 2013
נועם ברדין מנכ"ל ווייז במלון הילטון

Recalculating Route: Waze says it will lay off 5% of its global workforce

10.09.20|Hagar Ravet
In an email to employees, CEO Noam Bardin says the Google-owned company is rethinking its priorities amid the Covid-19 crisis
מוביט Moovit

Intel Inks Deal to Acquire Moovit for $1 Billion

04.05.20|Meir Orbach
Intel’s acquisition of the Israeli navigation app developer is reminiscent of Google’s 2013 acquisition of Waze
אורי לוין  יזם ו מייסד waze יו"ר ZEEK

Staying Home: Waze Reports 70% Decline in Israel Road Traffic Due to Covid-19

19.04.20|Elihay Vidal
Crowdsourced navigation app rolls out new features to help find drive-thru and curbside pickup businesses
מכוניות ב פקק תנועה ב כביש גהה

Navigation App Waze to Add Gas and Parking Payment Features

22.12.19|Meir Orbach
The popular app intends to allow users to pay for various services via partnerships, aiming to become a more encompassing app for drivers