9 stories about Xiaomi
שיאומי 13T

Xiaomi 13T: almost premium in performance, at a more affordable price

26.11.23|Itai Smuskowitz
On the back of the Chinese manufacturer's successful flagship devices, CTech's smartphone critic Itai Smuskowitz reviews its slightly cheaper model, with differences in specifications and construction that do not really affect the performance
שעון Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3: Striking the right balance between functionality and price

30.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Redmi Watch serves as a companion to a smartphone, lacking its own cellular or Wi-Fi connection and instead connecting via Bluetooth, which also enables connectivity with Apple devices,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's gadget critic
שיאומי רדמי נוט 12 פרו פלוס

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus: Striking a balance between power and affordability

15.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus lives up to its role as a mid-range device. It may not be astonishing, carrying its share of trade-offs and limitations, but it adequately meets the daily needs of most users,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's smartphone critic
חנות שיאומי ב הונג קונג סין

Xiaomi's Israeli Franchise Holder to Market Brand in England, Belgium

13.03.19|Orna Yefet
Until now, Xiaomi products were sold in both countries unofficially, but Hemilton Group will be the first official master franchisee
קורקינט חשמלי 1

As Electric Scooters Take Over the World, Tel Aviv Stands First in Line

30.09.18|Diana Bahur-Nir
From tech workers to hipster moms, the electric scooter is fast becoming the new transportation mode of choice of Tel Aviv residents
תורים בפתיחת חנות שיאומי דיזנגוף סנטר 22.8.18

Israeli Customers Stormed Xiaomi’s Tel Aviv Store Opening

23.08.18|Tofi Stoler
Thousands of customers clamored to get into the store, and security was beefed up. Discounted items were sold out in little over an hour
שיאומי MI8 סמארטפון מוזל

Local Distributor to Open Flagship Store for Xiaomi Products in Tel Aviv

New store to offer smartphones and other consumer electronics, including smart watches and electric scooters
סמסונג גלקסי S9 פלוס

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 to Feature Technology by Israeli Facial Recognition Startup, Report Says

25.06.18|Raphael Kahan
Korean website The Bell reported that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will feature technology by Mantis Vision
שיאומי MI8 סמארטפון מוזל

Xiaomi Taps Mantis Vision’s 3D Camera Technology for New Mobile Phone

01.06.18|Raphael Kahan
The Mi 8 flagship phone unveiled Thursday features a front camera incorporating technology designed in Israel