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ספינת מסע של חברת הספנות  ה סינית קוסקו Cosco

COSCO decision not to dock in Israel raises fears of domino effect in shipping industry

08.01.24|Yuval Azulay
The decision of the Chinese shipping giant to suspend its operations in Israel may lead other companies to take a similar step. The shipping industry is divided on whether COSCO’s move is due to the Chinese embrace of Hamas or is a cold business consideration
צוות 40Seas

40Seas extends Seed round to $17 million for its cross-border digital financing solution

02.08.23|James Spiro
As well as providing 40Seas with a $100 million credit facility, container liner shipping company ZIM has also expanded its strategic partnership with the company
Ashdod Port Spinframe

Zim leads $8 million investment in vehicle-inspection startup Spinframe

17.05.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli startup’s AI-enabled platform creates “Digital Twins” for vehicles throughout the supply chain and detects anomalies from the assembly line throughout the vehicle journey to the dealership and end customer
Hoopo team

Hoopo raises $10 million Series A to digitize fleets

The Israeli startup's solution transforms unpowered assets into connected fleets using highly durable and power-efficient tracking technologies
אניית מכולות של צים

ZIM invests in AI startup Data Science Consulting Group's $6 million Series A

This investment was made following a successful commercial collaboration between ZIM and DSG in the creation of a center of excellence for the development of AI tools for the maritime shipping industry
דובאי איחוד האמירויות

What is Gong spending its money on and what have robotic arms got to do with Covid-19?

CTech Daily Roundup: Fresh off $200 million mega-round, Gong upgrades its AI capabilities with acquisition of Vayo
אלי גליקמן מנכ"ל צים יולי 2017

Israeli shipping giant ZIM to create a new cybersecurity company

01.09.20|James Spiro
ZKCyberStar, developed together with Konfidas, will offer cybersecurity services tailor-made for the maritime industry
אוניה של צים ב נמל חיפה ים אניה

Israeli-Emirati agreement could give ZIM’s IPO some backwind

25.08.20|Golan Hazani
On Monday, it was reported the Israeli shipping company is considering to go public in 2021 and, according to several people who spoke on condition of anonymity, it is aiming for a $1 billion valuation
צים ספינה

How high is the potential of Israel-UAE trade and what valuation is ZIM aiming for?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israel-UAE trade potential is north of $500 million, says Israeli chief economist
אוניית מטען צים בלונדון

With its profitability on the rise, ZIM aims to go public at the beginning of 2021

24.08.20|Golan Hazani
For the third time in 12 years, the company’s board is pushing for a London or New York IPO and aiming for a $500 million valuation
מייסדי לדינגו מימין רות ריינר הגר ו ליאנו ריפס ו גיא לוי

Maritime Transport Company ZIM Backs Shipping Optimization Startup Ladingo

27.02.19|Hagar Ravet
Ladingo develops an algorithm for optimizing the shipping of large items from one country to another in a single container
צים ספינה

Shipping Company ZIM Tests Blockchain-Based Bills of Lading

ZIM has completed a pilot program to replace traditional shipping papers with a blockchain-based app