CTech's Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israel rolls back Covid-19 restrictions as number of sick stabilizes; Opinion | The war on coronavirus brings with it a dangerous fog

CTech 14:1519.04.20

Israel rolls back Covid-19 restrictions as number of sick stabilizes. Shops to re-open, offices and factories allowed to bring in more employees, all under strict health monitoring and social distancing compliance measures. Read more


Opinion | The war on coronavirus brings with it a dangerous fog. With nothing else to report on, mainstream media, social media, and fringe media are all inundating the public with so much conflicting information that they are all actively contributing to confusion and even false hopes regarding the pandemic. Read more


Office workers wearing masks (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock Office workers wearing masks (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock
Interview | Hitting the reset button on antibiotics. As the world faces the global threat of Covid-19 and the post antibiotic era, MIT researcher Regina Barzilay and her team are using AI to discover new chemical compounds for medical treatment. Read more


Interview | Out of the Covid-19 tragedy, a new era of design will rise, says former Ferrari designer. Frank Stephenson, the man behind some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, believes future designs will be better oriented towards personal hygiene and safety. Read more


Cronavirus victim: Israeli startup Engie goes idle. CEO Alon Hendelman tells clients that Asian investment has dried up due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more


Amdocs suspends raises, demands workers take leave amid coronavirus uncertainty. Israel-founded communication corporation freezes all planned salary increases and tells employees to take paid leave during the second quarter. Read more


Facebook and Israeli tech leaders map out shifting industry trends amid Covid-19. Facebook Israel and Tel Aviv-based Startup Nation Central held a webinar on Thursday to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic is shaping digital health strategies, and the long-term impact of work from home, telemedicine, and overburdened healthcare systems. Read more


Staying home: Waze reports 70% decline in Israel road Traffic due to Covid-19. Crowdsourced navigation app rolls out new features to help find drive-thru and curbside pickup businesses. Read more


Amid Covid-19 crisis, Israel to establish digital health tech innovation lab. Israel Innovation Authority and other government offices issue a call for proposals to promote the development of the NIS 32 million project. Read more


Personal assistant robot Temi to aid Israeli hospital staff. The “Corobot” was selected by Israel’s Ministry of Defense to assist medical teams in coronavirus (Covid-19) wards throughout the country. Read more



Corona Q&A | The Israeli tech sector is resilient and strong, says AllCloud CEO. Eran Gil, CEO of cloud services company AllCloud, answered seven questions about the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sect. Read more