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Eliron Esktein 20

“Once you dive in from your starting point, you suddenly realize there's this whole world of opportunity.”

Every entrepreneur needs a starting point, shares Eliron Ekstein, co-founder and CEO of RAVIN.AI. But from there, you find an even bigger world of opportunity.
Daniel Kligler 20

“Entrepreneurs need to consciously set aside a certain fraction of their attention to patents.”

As an entrepreneur in a company with great patents, Daniel Kligler learned that having those patents is not a guarantee of success.
Shauli Rosen Armo 20

“I have always been looking to diversify and do and learn new things.”

As the co-founder and CEO of ARMO, Shauli Rozen says the way you hear from customers may change, but listening to them is key.
Eynat Guez Papaya Global 20

“The main challenge was to understand if the knowledge that I have is solid enough to transform into a scalable product.”

Now that Papaya Global is an established company, co-founder and CEO Eynat Guez sees that they have an opportunity to design the global payroll processes of the future and create a new reality for companies and employees.
Dvir Milo 20

"In order to succeed, you need to be brave enough and to dare and to try new stuff"

Don’t develop all the features you can imagine for your product before releasing it, advises Dvir Milo, CTO of Home365.
Ifty Kerzner 20

“That's the truth in starting something: it’s putting yourself out there to be judged by other people.”

Though one of his main goals is to have fun and make sure other people have fun, co-founder and president of Kissterra Ifty Kerzner puts in plenty of hard work to make that happen.
Ofer Gayer Hunters 20

“I really like to move away from my comfort zone as much as possible.”

Each stage of his career has taken vice president of product at Hunters Ofer Gayer out of his comfort zone, something he enjoys.
Guy Nirpaz 20

“The recurring revenue model in subscription puts a lot of effort on the vendor to create value to their customers.”

Customer success was not frequently talked about when Guy Nirpaz founded Totango, but he could see that the shift to subscription models would make it crucial for companies to understand and improve the journey
Rachel Kaplin Team8 20

“From a young age, it was very clear to me that nothing would stand in my way.”

While Team8's Rachel Caplin likes to have a plan, she recognizes that some of life’s magical moments have happened when she went with the flow.
Tzahi 20

“My main mission is to help reinvent large, amazing companies through this journey with startups.”

Reinvention of large companies is Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld’s speciality, and he accomplishes this through helping corporates to engage with startups to benefit both sides.
Lisya Bahar Manoah Catalyst Investments 20

“To be different gives you different skills from every perspective.”

Appreciating differences was normal for Lisya Bahar Manoah, partner at Catalyst Investments, who grew up in a Jewish family in Turkey while attending German schools.
Eran Ben Shmuel Juganu 20

“I was always amazed by the ability to imagine something and see it in realization.”

Using science to make an impact fairly quickly has always excited Eran Ben-Shmuel, CEO of Juganu.
Oren Razon 20

“It's not enough to understand that AI is functioning. You really need to understand whether it's working as expected.”

Bridging the gap between leveraging AI and trusting the technology is the mission of Superwise.ai, says Oren Razon, co-founder and CEO.
Gerald Cohen 20

“Music should become a core requirement for any group that really wants to develop its people at the highest level.”

Being a musician of any level helps you develop whole brain integration, says Gerald Leonard, author of Culture is the Bass and Workplace Jazz.
Didi Gurfinkel  DataRails 20

“Excel is like the canvas for financial people to create.”

Co-founder and CEO of DataRails Didi Gurfinkel shares that for financial people, spreadsheets are the canvas where they create and innovate.
Dan Brahmy 20

“We really are trying to make the world a more transparent and genuine place.”

A lack of transparency around content online affects every person every day, says Dan Brahmy, co-founder and CEO of Cyabra.
Asaf Toker 20

“It's good for your well-being to do something that you really love doing.”

Though he has taken on many additional roles in the medical and startup worlds, Matricelf CEO Asaf Toker has not stopped being a pediatrician.
Oren Toledano Swimm 20

“What we're doing at Swimm is downloading information that’s in the head of the developers and creating a strong knowledge base that will grow.”

Developers don’t document information about their code because it is a pain to write, it is quickly out of date, and it’s hard for others to find, says Oren Toledano, co-founder and CEO of Swimm.
Ehud Yalin-Mor  VCITA 20

“You always have the desire to get somewhere, but you need to remember to enjoy the way there.”

While it is often easy today to leave a job when it gets tough, VCITA's Ehud Yalin-Mor says that sometimes people need to be patient and stick with it.
Hila Goldman-Aslan DiA Imaging Analysis 20

“Hearing that our product helped a patient keeps us going forward and being excited.”

While working in medical tech has unique challenges, Hila Goldman-Aslan says the impact each employee can have on patients’ health keeps them excited to continue moving forward.