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SWAPP founders

SWAPP raises $11.5 million Series A to help architects with AI platform

The Israeli startup’s solution streamlines the creation and management of architectural construction documents
התחנה המרכזית החדשה תחנה מרכזית חדשה תל אביב

Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station: Chronicles of a White Elephant

15.04.20|Dor Zommer
The city’s giant, brutalist eyesore of a public transportation hub, designed to be the largest and most innovative bus station in the world, opened with great fanfare in 1993. Its story dates back four decades earlier
מוסף שבועי 16.1.20 גדי שם טוב  בונה מינאטורות

A Keen Hand for Detail: Former Architect Builds Scaled Models of Weapons, Historical Landmarks

31.01.20|Yoghev Karmel
Gadi Ma-Tov left a career as an architect to return to a childhood passion that began with his first set of Legos
מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב

Tel Aviv Wants Less Glass Towers

04.12.19|Shlomit Tsur
The city recently decided not to approve the construction of a planned project
ה מגדל הרביעי של מרכז עזריאלי ב תל אביב מגדל הספירלה

Architect Sees Infinite Scale in Design of Spiral Tel Aviv Tower

22.02.19|Roni Dori
A person standing at the top of this spiral-shaped 340-meter high Tel Aviv tower will be able to see Jerusalem
רומן אברמוביץ' בעלים של צ'לסי

Roman Abramovich’s Tel Aviv Mansion Celebrates Old Tel Aviv Elegance

20.11.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Having lived in the U.K. in recent years, Israeli-Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich had turned to Israel when his U.K. visa was terminated
מוסף שבועי 23.8.18 אני הכי מאושר כשאני נמצא בחדר ריק מלון גאפה יפו

In Jaffa, Luxury Hotel Built on Crusaders Era Ruins Draws Social Ire

24.08.18|Reut Barnea
The sprawling lobby of the newly opened Tel Aviv luxury hotel, The Jaffa, is divided by a 13th-century wall. A historic chapel was turned into the hotel’s bar
WeWork שיווה רג'רמן סמנכ"ל מוצר

WeWork’s Shiva Rajaraman on Using User Data to Optimize Buildings

27.05.18|Meir Orbach
The company's Chief Product Officer wants to use data coming from sensors placed on desks and in common spaces to make communities more cohesive
מצפה רמון אסטרונאוטים d-mars 2

The Challenges of Living on Mars: Air, Water, Lack of Personal Space

24.04.18|Lilach Baumer
Israeli designers of a closed habitat intended to simulate life on Mars, say cohabitation in a small space is one of the factors that need to be addressed while planning a Mars dwelling
איריס שור מייסדת אוריבי Oribi

Open Space is Broken. All Hail the Open Conference Room

26.02.18|Iris Shoor
When starting her new startup serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor wanted to do away with the nearly ubiquitous open space
הדמיית קמפוס מיקרוסופט מרכז פיתוח 1

Microsoft's New Israeli Campus to Feature Hanging Gardens

03.08.17|Meir Orbach
The company plans to invest hundreds of millions of shekels in a new campus currently being built north of Tel Aviv